Last Monday was the second anniversary of the Dream Date series. I self-published the first book (of the same title) on August 15, 2014. I’d always wanted to be a published writer, and that was the first time I achieved my goal. Technically, it’s the second book I wrote, but I no longer count the novella that came before that. The reasons for this can be found in my FAQ section. Anyway, Dream Date was my first foray as a published author. I chose New Adult romance as my genre because, well, I like women very much and wanted to write about a gorgeous one.

Since one book wasn’t enough to tell the story of Amanda Tilley and Nathan Ferland, I released a sequel titled Devoted to Her. It allowed me to introduce new characters (which was exciting) and flesh out some of the supporting characters. One of them in particular really struck my interest: Kayla Moran. I want to write a book about her, but I’m busy with my sci-fi ideas now. And also, I don’t want to rush with a half-hearted story. If I’m writing that book, I want to do it right and have a decent story.

Today I’m going to post some trivia about the Dream Date series. This includes character inspirations and other stuff I haven’t written about before. Here it is:

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Since I released my debut novel Dream Date, I can hardly believe I’ve finished and self-published two more books. That would almost have been a trilogy. I wanted to release a third Dream Date novel focused on the character of Kayla Moran. The project had to be put on hold because the series still isn’t popular enough to make writing another entry worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I will write Kayla her book eventually. At the moment, I have other priorities, though. I’ve made my foray into sci-fi, which is a more time-sensitive genre (the stuff one writes about that doesn’t exist yet may be a reality in a decade or two)

Over the course of editing a book, you almost always end up having to cut stuff. It’s just an unavoidable part of the process. As it’s been over a year since I published Devoted to Her, the time is fitting to post that book’s deleted scenes. Some of these make the early drafts of Devoted to Her considerably different from the finished work. I’m quite proud of it. The book turned out just as great as I wanted it to be. Here are the deleted scenes. They’re not in any particular order, but they really aren’t meant to be. Enjoy:
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I’ve been so distracted writing books that I almost failed to realize a special occasion is coming up. I wouldn’t have missed it anyway, since I have no problem remembering dates. This coming Saturday is August fifteen. That means that it will be the first anniversary of the publication of my first novel, Dream Date. In the time since, the book’s had only one editorial revision. The third edition of Dream Date just changed the cover art, after the previous one wasn’t well reviewed. In March of this year, I also self-published the sequel, Devoted to Her. Continue reading


waste basket

Time is a curious thing. I’ve been so focused on writing Devoted to Her and brainstorming for my next book. Then I look at the calendar, and realize that it’s been almost a year since the initial release of Dream Date. The first edition was released in August, and the second in November. A third edition with new cover art (but no changes in the text) was released in February. It’s about to be the first anniversary! In light of that, I felt it was time to release the deleted scenes from early drafts of the book. These are, obviously, not revised. Some characters had different names, and there are a few special markings I use to get back to certain parts later. Here they are. These deleted scenes make for a long post, so I’ve split it into pages. You can find the links at the bottom: Continue reading



It’s the start of another week! With over a month since I published Devoted to Her, I think the time is fit to reveal my favorite quotes. I did the same after publishing the prequel, Dream Date. It’s hard not to come up with catchy lines while you’re writing a book. Some of them remain good just as they are, surviving through several revisions. The quotes you’re about to read may have very mild spoilers, if any. Here they are: Continue reading



Morning! Since it’s been over a month since Devoted to Her was released, I’m updating the short character bios. This post will replace another one I wrote after publishing Dream Date. You’ll no longer be able to see that old post.
I enjoyed coming up with these characters and weaving their stories. This is one of the major reasons I became a writer. I had all these characters in my head, and they needed to be out in the world for people to meet them. I liked seeing my own characters go through their story arcs and change. Some of my favorites were Amanda Tilley, Ashton Robards, and Kayla Moran. When I started writing the sequel to Dream Date, I had a thrill when the book introduced new characters. Here are their bios. As you’ll notice, only one character has had a name change. The reason why is explained in Devoted to Her. These bios have a few mild spoilers; nothing you should worry about.

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This is it! Today’s March 24, which means that Devoted to Her is now available at Amazon. If you purchased it during the pre-order period, it should be on your Kindle by now. This is a direct sequel to Dream Date, which I published last August. Devoted to Her concludes the story of Nathan Ferland and Amanda Tilley. I’ve also included some bits about the origin story of a certain character. You’d have to read the book to find out who it is.
For the meantime, the Dream Date series is exclusive to Kindle. Sales on other platforms were negligible, so I decided to take advantage of the KDP benefits. These far outweigh having the book available everywhere, at least for now. When the books return to other ebook stores, I’ll post an update.
To celebrate the release of Devoted to Her, the first book in the series is available for $0.99 for a limited time. I recommend that you read the books in order, although it’s not absolutely necessary. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of Devoted to Her even if you haven’t read the previous book.
Have a good day!