Dream Date

Published on: 08/15/2014
Genre: New Adult, contemporary romance
Length: Novel, 365 pages
Format: E-book

Is being in love with someone so unreachable worth the fight?

Three years have passed since Nathan Ferland fell for Amanda Tilley, a girl he couldn’t have. She was too dazzling for an ordinary guy to even dream about, and young enough to be out of bounds. Nathan is now dating Kayla, a woman he believes will finally make him forget the one who stole his heart. After several months together, the two have become nearly inseparable.
Barely into college, Amanda seems to have the world at her feet. While she has breathtaking looks, she charms people once they get to know the girl behind the face. Upon seeing Amanda again, Nathan realizes that there really was no way he could love any other woman after all. Unfortunately, she is still as unreachable as ever. Amanda is now a fashion model with modest fame and several admirers. One of them is Hilbert Melendez, Amanda’s own talent agent. And his obsession for her may be too strong to ignore.
This time, Nathan will need more than luck to win Amanda’s heart and prove he loves her for more than just her beauty. He not only has to deal with his loyalty to Kayla, but with the threat that Hilbert poses. Nathan is more than ready for this second chance, despite the overwhelming odds against him.


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Oh, What A Life – American Authors
Someone Like You – Matt Wertz
Meant to Be – Parachute
Thinking About You – Calvin Harris (Ashton and Grecia’s romantic theme)
How Come You Don’t Want Me – Tegan and Sara
Brokenhearted – Karmin (Nathan and Kayla’s romantic theme)
Mine – Christina Perri

Obvious – Hey Monday
All I Wanted – Paramore
Falling Away – Marion Raven (Kayla’s breakup theme)
Wait For Love – Matt White

Two Is Better Than One – Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift (Nathan and Amanda’s romantic theme)

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