Halloween’s already around the corner. Everyone else is already looking forward to it, buying costumes and sweets. My family and I don’t celebrate it, though. I just use it as an excuse to wear a costume. I don’t have one this year, at least not now. Maybe I’ll buy one after I publish this post.

As far as work is concerned, I’ve been writing as often as I could. I admittedly had a short writing slump a few months ago, though. Besides, most of my time was spent planning. I wanted to publish a new book this year, but I canceled one I was writing early on. That one is not Dream Date #3. I’m not sure when I’ll revisit that series, but I would really like to. For now, I’m focused on the sci-fi genre. I’m working on a new book dealing with advanced technology and genetics. The special thing about this one is that it will most likely be released as a serial. I think that format would be fitting for this story. A weekly serial would be too slow, though, so I’m looking at releasing episodes at least twice a week.

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Last Monday was the second anniversary of the Dream Date series. I self-published the first book (of the same title) on August 15, 2014. I’d always wanted to be a published writer, and that was the first time I achieved my goal. Technically, it’s the second book I wrote, but I no longer count the novella that came before that. The reasons for this can be found in my FAQ section. Anyway, Dream Date was my first foray as a published author. I chose New Adult romance as my genre because, well, I like women very much and wanted to write about a gorgeous one.

Since one book wasn’t enough to tell the story of Amanda Tilley and Nathan Ferland, I released a sequel titled Devoted to Her. It allowed me to introduce new characters (which was exciting) and flesh out some of the supporting characters. One of them in particular really struck my interest: Kayla Moran. I want to write a book about her, but I’m busy with my sci-fi ideas now. And also, I don’t want to rush with a half-hearted story. If I’m writing that book, I want to do it right and have a decent story.

Today I’m going to post some trivia about the Dream Date series. This includes character inspirations and other stuff I haven’t written about before. Here it is:

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Since I released my debut novel Dream Date, I can hardly believe I’ve finished and self-published two more books. That would almost have been a trilogy. I wanted to release a third Dream Date novel focused on the character of Kayla Moran. The project had to be put on hold because the series still isn’t popular enough to make writing another entry worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I will write Kayla her book eventually. At the moment, I have other priorities, though. I’ve made my foray into sci-fi, which is a more time-sensitive genre (the stuff one writes about that doesn’t exist yet may be a reality in a decade or two)

Over the course of editing a book, you almost always end up having to cut stuff. It’s just an unavoidable part of the process. As it’s been over a year since I published Devoted to Her, the time is fitting to post that book’s deleted scenes. Some of these make the early drafts of Devoted to Her considerably different from the finished work. I’m quite proud of it. The book turned out just as great as I wanted it to be. Here are the deleted scenes. They’re not in any particular order, but they really aren’t meant to be. Enjoy:
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Today, it’s been over a month since I self-published my first sci-fi novel, In A Greater Reality. It is set in 2028, mainly in Philadelphia, PA and Miami, FL. The book deals with the late stages in the invention of a groundbreaking technology, and how it affects the main characters. This technology is dubbed RETCON by the scientists. It is not an acronym, but simply “retcon” in capital letters. Even if you haven’t read In A Greater Reality, you likely already guessed that RETCON is a virtual reality world. I even made a promotional poster for my book, which is a faux advertisement made by the company that developed RETCON. The virtual world is managed by an array of photonic supercomputers (their processors use light signals instead of electrical signals). Continue reading



Good morning, everyone! We’re now in the first week of November. That means there are just four days to go before In A Greater Reality goes live in online bookstores. As I mentioned before, it is my first science fiction novel. It was great fun to research and write it, given how much technology fascinates me. Everyday life is mostly bleh, in my opinion. That’s why I enjoy reading and writing sci-fi and fantasy.

Today, I’m posting a second sneak peek. This one gives a look at Frank Polansky’s interactions with his friends and family. It was crucial to show this in the book, to give you all an idea why Frank dislikes his life. He doesn’t shun his friends, though. Frank loves them, but wishes they all lived in a better world. Little does he know how careful one must be when wishing for something. Here it is: Continue reading



Last week, I unveiled the cover for my newest book, In A Greater Reality. I also revealed the synopsis, where I first mention the existence of the RETCON project. It is what drives pretty much the entire book. Only, what exactly is that project? At some point during In A Greater Reality, the character of Dr. Kevin Sherman persuades the book’s main protagonist to submit himself to RETCON. Frank Polansky is drawn to the project because it promises to greatly improve not just his life, but also his younger sister Courtney’s. They’ve struggled for success through most of their lives, so they can’t turn down such a wonderful offer.
With less than three weeks to go before In A Greater Reality is released, the time is ripe for a sneak peek. In this first preview, I’ll introduce you to Frank Polansky. This is the point near where his life is about to change…but is it for the better, or for the worse? Here it is: Continue reading


The time’s finally here again. It’s been several months (almost a full year) since the last time I did a cover reveal. Today, it will be for my latest work, In A Greater Reality. My new book will be standalone and is a sci-fi romance. As such, it has no connection to any of my previous books. I’m glad to have had the chance to work on this new book at last. It’s an idea I’ve been itching to work on.
Without further ado, I’ll present to you the official cover art for In A Greater Reality. I think it suits the book rather well. I took a risk setting up the title like that, and I hope it’s not jarring to anyone. None of the characters are featured, but this is much more a sci-fi book than a romance. Here it is: Continue reading