Hi, everyone! I’m back for my annual Best Reads post. Although I’m retired, I wanted to come back to write this, at least one last time. I may not write anymore, but I still love to read. On that subject, I just got myself a Kindle Paperwhite 3 for Christmas. I’ve had the Paperwhite 1 since the year it was released. Needless to say, I kept it a long time. I hesitated to upgrade because I didn’t think it would be worth it. Now that I have the 3, I am amazed by how much better the screen is. For one, the light looks less like light, if you can picture what that looks like. The result is a whiter, more paper-like look. I really wish I’d upgraded earlier!
I thought I wouldn’t upgrade until the Paperwhite got a color screen. That seems a long way off, though. I think all the Paperwhite 4 will have new is waterproofing and a slightly better processor. Anyway, I’ll get on with my list. I’m starting at #12, and go down to my #1 read. These are closer choices than in previous lists, though. It was a bit hard to pick ones over others; #12 isn’t necessarily worse than the rest, for instance. Here it is:
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Morning, everyone. I’m sorry for being away for so long. I assure you I’m still alive!

Early this year, I went on hiatus. I didn’t realize I would be putting my writing career on hold for so long. I thought I’d be back straight after the summer. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, I was on a paid internship for eight weeks out of the summer. It was much-needed income for me. I’ve been broke forever 😛 but it gets harder every year.

As I’ve said before, I didn’t become a fiction author for money. Sure, it’d be nice to make a good income working only for myself. Unfortunately, with my limited resources I’ve never been able to afford editing services or advertising. I still kept on writing, though, because I like it. I haven’t come up with lots of ideas lately, but the ones I do have are pretty great. I have an idea for a romance involving a contract killer, and another with a girl who has special powers. There’s also Project Obsidian

About that last one, I’m officially canceling it. I’m not saying I won’t ever finish it. I’m just putting it away for now. It’s a large project, much larger than any I’ve tackled before. Think of handling a book with a cast like Criminal Minds or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s not easy managing so many main characters in one book. Canceling Project Obsidian also lets me go into retirement. Yes, I’ll stop writing for the time being. I’m not getting any younger, and I really need to get a steady job if I want to continue spending time writing books. Time’s just passing really fast. I could turn 30 before I know it.

I’ve done some accomplishments this year, at least. My level of French is now pretty advanced. I can understand it really well, to the point that I just read my first book in French (Les lecteurs de pensée by Dima Zales). I understood at least 80% of it. I also took an online French level test, and it appears I’m at B1 and closely approaching B2. That’s awesome for me. I still don’t have much practice speaking, but my comprehension level is advanced.

So, this is it. I’m putting away my pen indefinitely. I really hope I come back sooner rather than later. Writing books was something I really enjoyed. I’ll see what time brings. Au revoir!


This is me reporting back. 😛 I’ve still been on semi-hiatus these past few months. Though I’m still writing (and reading), I’m actively searching for a job. It’s pretty difficult, especially in my city. Where I live in is small and has an abundance of CDL driving and import/export related jobs, which I can’t do or don’t appeal to me. I’ve made some money in a few occassional gigs, though it’s nowhere near enough. Computer work is my favorite career, alongside writing. Unfortunately, they both have the same huge drawback: I can’t afford advertising. It’s not “I won’t,” I literally can’t. I’m hoping to have more luck soon.

Changing the subject. As you can see, I’ve also given a new look to  my website. It was looking pretty…unappealing. And it was time for a new coat of paint, too. Blue is my favorite color, so that’s why I selected this particular theme. This look is perhaps the one I’ve liked the most yet. I want to add a new header later on. The current one looks quite good, for a default header.

I’m still working on Project Obsidian, my upcoming sci-fi novel. Given my current hardships, I haven’t even finished a first draft. Not quite, I’ve done some revisions that sort of bring it up to the level of a second or third draft. That’s just how I write. My first drafts aren’t a piece of junk. I just like my stuff (writing, my phone or computer UI) to look good. Anyway, I don’t know when I’ll be able to set a release date for my new novel. I’m really shooting for it to be this year, preferably in the fall. I read somewhere that that’s a suitable time for releasing sci-fi and fantasy books.

Until the next time. Oh, and I’ll see if I can post more book reviews. I haven’t had much time for that lately. Au revoir!


Good morning, everyone! A new year has started, and I’m already looking forward to what it could bring. As I mentioned recently, I’m working on a new science-fiction adventure. Other than that, I’ve published three other books. The first one, Dream Date, was released in 2014. That remains my only series so far. I have hopes of continuing it, but that’s unfortunately not in the plans at the moment.

I haven’t written a post like this before. Planning for the year is not something I usually do, not really. Sure, I do plan certain things in my head. I just don’t put it on a list, though. I’m not really an agenda kind of guy. I wanted to share my goals for the year, though. In no particular order: Continue reading



Another year is almost at an end. This just doesn’t cease to amaze me, though with less intensity. When it’s the start of the year I can’t wait for it to end. Then when the year ends, I wish it lasted longer. Part of the reason is that I wish I could accomplish more. In 2016, I’ve published no more novels. My last one was In A Greater Reality, back in November ’15. This year, I canceled a project I was working on, so that slowed me down. Now I’m writing a new sci-fi novel I’m very excited about.
As 2016 is the fourth year I’m tracking my books finished in Goodreads, I finished less new books. I’ve been instead re-reading old ones. Three years is, well, pretty long to go without revisiting novels I liked in the past. So once again, the pool to choose my best reads from is smaller. That means that this year, the list will be 10 books long. As usual, I include a star rating and a short summary of the books chosen. I’ll start at 10 and go down until reaching my #1 read of the year. Without further ado:
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Halloween’s already around the corner. Everyone else is already looking forward to it, buying costumes and sweets. My family and I don’t celebrate it, though. I just use it as an excuse to wear a costume. I don’t have one this year, at least not now. Maybe I’ll buy one after I publish this post.

As far as work is concerned, I’ve been writing as often as I could. I admittedly had a short writing slump a few months ago, though. Besides, most of my time was spent planning. I wanted to publish a new book this year, but I canceled one I was writing early on. That one is not Dream Date #3. I’m not sure when I’ll revisit that series, but I would really like to. For now, I’m focused on the sci-fi genre. I’m working on a new book dealing with advanced technology and genetics. The special thing about this one is that it will most likely be released as a serial. I think that format would be fitting for this story. A weekly serial would be too slow, though, so I’m looking at releasing episodes at least twice a week.

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pexels-photo-27812It seems the years pass by faster the longer one lives. That’s certainly been the case for me. I’ve been quite busy even though I don’t have a job. Writing books is a lengthy process. I’ve also been doing something new this year: learning a language. I’ve wanted to learn French for a few years, and I finally took the plunge.

At first, I doubted that I could learn a new language without a teacher. I became interested in French after discovering Alizee, one of the most famous European singers. I found an album of hers for sale at Best Buy around 2011. Yeah, it seems even in boring small cities like mine you can find obscure (for the U.S.) music. Anyway, I was hesitant to learn French for the aforementioned reason. And it never occurred to me to sign up for French classes at the community college…there were none in high school. My class schedule was full, anyway.

Looking back, it was too early to sign up for a French class. After what I’ve learned so far, I think I’ve done better by myself. I first started learning French by signing up for a Duolingo account in September of last year. I made my first mistake then, though. Still doubting a language could be learned without a classroom, I went slow. By slow, I mean learning around ten words a week. It was a good call at first, but after I got better, I should have tried to learn more.

As I (slowly) progressed through the Duolingo tree, I found that the content was a bit more advanced than I wanted. My interest was in learning words for conversational use, not stuff I should know if I planned to move to France. So in February of this year, I downloaded an app called Memrise. On that one, I went faster. I studied a lesson a day (each lesson has no less than ten words, usually sixteen). Every Sunday, I would review stuff that I learned that week instead of starting a new lesson. When I signed up for Memrise, there was a course called A1 French. That one had around twelve hundred words in total. It’s been phased out, and divided into new courses with around four hundred words each. I started with French 4, because the earlier courses had words I learned in Duolingo and in A1 French.

This year, I also started listening to French music and radio stations. My favorite artist by far is Joyce Jonathan. This woman has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. I don’t know, I just find it so appealing I could listen to Joyce all day. And she also has des jolies yeux and adorable cheekbones. Anyway, over time, I discovered new musicians to listen to. Some of my other favorites are Louane, Nolwenn Leroy, and Yelle. Music is so effective at learning a new language that I can now speak a bit of French.

I’m surprised by how much French I know now. And I haven’t even signed up for a class or spoken the language to anyone. I plan to do the latter in the future, though. Since I’m probably the only trilingual for at least a half mile radius, I searched for other ways to hear spoken French. This led me to discover a few great YouTube channels. I’ve never watched any, not having a need or interest. The one I watch the most is Patricia B en Francais. Patricia’s excellent for a French learner because she’s an American who moved to France. She now speaks the language almost flawlessly. Most of Patricia’s videos are about fashion and makeup, though, but they’re still useful to learn French. It helps that she’s easy on the eyes and ears.

So, that’s it for today’s post. I’m writing another one like this for next week. In it, I’ll reveal a few new details on my newest project. Have a good day!