THE BLACK WOLF (In the Company of Killers, #5)

Author: J.A. Redmerski
Published on: June 29, 2015
Genre: Suspense, romance, thriller
Published by: Self-published
Format: E-book, paperback, Audible

Since devastating secrets were uncovered by Nora Kessler, Niklas Fleischer and Victor Faust have been divided as business partners and brothers. Ultimately Niklas is persuaded to lead a mission to Italy, and he sees it as an opportunity to set in motion forgiveness–or retribution–for his brother’s betrayal. The mission: play the role of a wealthy German investor and kidnap a beautiful, notorious madam named Francesca Moretti.

No stranger to these types of roles, Niklas is the best man for the job, but this time the risks will be much greater as he will not be doing it alone. Izabel Seyfried, still fresh out of a life of imprisonment and sex slavery, could be negatively affected by the things she will see in Moretti’s mansion, and Niklas must keep her in line so she does not blow their cover and get them killed. But Niklas isn’t the only one who must play a role–Nora takes on the humiliating task of playing Niklas’s slave, and Izabel must play the role of his lover. On one hand, Niklas couldn’t be enjoying himself more. On the other hand, the emotions that continue to rage inside of him may be too much for him to control, and it may be Niklas–not Izabel–who needs to be kept in line. He cannot forget what Victor has done, and this mission may just be the beginning of his downward spiral.

Can the blood bond that Niklas and Victor share as brothers be stronger than resentment? Or will vengeance dig the blade so deep that their bond be eternally severed?



Five books in, and the In the Company of Killers series is showing no sign of slowing down. That’s a good thing, as this is perhaps one of the most addictive series you’ll ever encounter. This time around, it’s Niklas Fleischer’s turn to star in his own book. If you read the previous one, Seeds of Iniquity, you definitely have been chomping at the bit to find out what happens next.

Izabel Seyfried (formerly known as Sarai) is still in training. She’s becoming quite an adept killer, learning everything quickly. At the start of the book, Izabel and Nora go on a small but risky mission together. The former does pretty well. Afterward, Victor assigns Izabel and Nora a new hit. This time, though, they will need Niklas’s assistance. He hasn’t been seen after the events of the previous book. Niklas and Victor aren’t on good terms anymore, thanks to Nora. Thinking it will be futile, Izabel finds Niklas in hopes that he’ll go on the mission. She isn’t afraid to press Niklas, as Victor said that she wouldn’t go if his brother didn’t. Niklas only needs to hear about the target to understand why Victor trusts only him to protect Izabel.

At the last minute, Niklas shows up to accompany Izabel and Nora. It was a relief to see Niklas wouldn’t let Izabel fend for herself. She may be formidable now, but not invulnerable. The trio discuss the mission en route: they are going after Francesca Moretti, a feared Madam. Only, no one knows who she is because she uses decoys to protect herself. At the Moretti mansion, there are seven women who could be Francesca. Izabel, Nora, and Niklas must find out who is the real Francesca, and extract information from her.

To infiltrate the Moretti mansion, Niklas poses as a potential client. Nora plays his slave, and Izabel his girlfriend of sorts. They all manage to make it into the mansion, where “Francesca” greets them. Niklas and Nora are in their element, able to play their roles without flaw. Izabel can do that too, but she soon proves to be easier to distract. One situation in particular has Izabel burning internally. She is alarmed at how easily she can just be there without breaking cover. Niklas and Victor had misgivings about this.

Eventually, Niklas manages to uncover the real Francesca. The decoys, as well as Francesca’s brother and mother, are shocked at this. Personally, I wasn’t able to pinpoint her in time. The tricky part of the mission begins after that. It won’t be easy to smuggle Francesca away, what with the tight security in her mansion. Now that Francesca is unmasked, Niklas and the others learn more about her. They are mystified when they see how conceited Francesca is. Seriously, the woman has the worst case of grandiosity complex I’ve ever seen. You won’t believe how she furnished her bedroom! Francesca’s also extremely dangerous; her brother Emilio is the only one who’s not afraid to cross her.

As the mission progresses, Niklas and Nora form an uneasy relationship. They can’t stand each other, and when Niklas gets an opportunity to vent his rage on Nora, he delights in it. Of course, this doesn’t go over well with her. Nora berates Niklas for enjoying to punish her, and for almost losing his head with Izabel. Things heat up from there, to Izabel’s amusement. I’m not sure Niklas and Nora make a good pair, though. She is the most robot-like operative under Victor’s command, therefore she has no feelings. This is one thing Izabel envies about Nora. The former wishes she could lose her humanity, but Victor will not allow that.

Overall, The Black Wolf is yet another stunning entry in the series. Several readers looked forward to a Niklas-centric book, and this one delivers. The villain is also solid, despite her obscene excess of pride. This is a character readers will love to hate. The things Francesca does are likely to make you want to kill her yourself. Also, Izabel really proves herself as an operative in this book. With Victor’s full trust, she’ll be able to go on a certain mission she’s been looking forward to do. Unfortunately, it may be the most dangerous Izabel has gone on yet.


Absolute must-read. It’s amazing!!!



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