POINT OF NO RETURN (Kathleen Turner, #5)

Author: Tiffany Snow
Published on: May 20, 2014
Genre: Romance, suspense
Published by: Montlake romance
Format: E-book, paperback, Audible

Kathleen Turner wasn’t expecting to fall in love when she came to Indianapolis a year ago, much less with two very different men. And not just any men: brothers.

Blane Kirk, former SEAL turned attorney, is every woman’s dream man. He’s also a playboy who changes women as often as he changes his tie, and trying to hold on to Blane could only break Kathleen’s heart.

Commitment is a foreign word to Kade Dennon, assassin-for-hire and genius hacker, and nothing about him is safe. A future with Kade would surely end in disaster—for both of them.

Past betrayals come to a head, and the choice Kathleen makes could sign her death warrant. Everything’s at stake as Blane, Kade, and Kathleen reach the Point of No Return.


Finally, the last book in the Kathleen Turner series is here. The previous one ended with a sort of edge-of-your-seat moment. Kade did something to save his brother, Blane, and it didn’t end too well. Fortunately, everyone is safe…for now. Kathleen’s been spending so much time with Kade now. She’s made her choice almost clear: Kade is the man she is in love with. Because of this, Blane’s been a little cold toward her. He’s not happy about losing Kathleen yet again. Whether they’ll get along ever again is a big question.

Kathleen is still reluctant to come between Blane and Kade. She feels she can’t be part of their lives without keeping them driven apart. Only one thing could make Kathleen change her mind. When something unexpected happens, Kade chooses to stay with Kathleen no matter what. He is determined to change his life for her. Kathleen is joyful over this, and it seems like they’re finally getting their HEA. Of course, things can never be easy. For reasons unknown, Kade and Kathleen are driven apart yet again. And this time, it seems like it’s permanent.

A furious, disillusioned Kathleen subsequently flees to her hometown. The only person she lets know her whereabouts is Alisha. She’s Kathleen’s new best friend and next-door neighbor. Kathleen expects to stay in her hometown indefinitely, and seems to have given up on love. This is one of the hardest parts of the book to read. If you’ve grown invested in Kathleen, you’d want her to find happiness. Seeing her just exist is rather sad.

Fortunately, the night is darkest just before the dawn. After somewhat of a fluke, Kade is compelled to track Kathleen down. When he finds her, she is happy and yet not so thrilled. Kathleen doesn’t really trust him anymore, but she can’t kick him out of her house now that she’s in danger again. It’s getting to be about time Kathleen stops having her life threatened. This time, Kathleen and Kade are up against their most powerful adversary yet. And he happens to be related to one of them.

To come out on top this time, Kade, Kathleen, and Blane must outsmart their enemy. Fists and bullets won’t help much against this one. To aid them, Kade enlists a few of his friends. They’re back at last since not being seen after the end of book one. To add a little more trouble, Kathleen finds a new love rival in one of Kade’s closest friends. She doesn’t seem much of a threat, though.

Point of No Return seems to take a shorter time than the previous two books. One of the new aspects is that Kade now gets a few POV chapters (Kathleen narrates almost the whole series). This lets the reader into the head of one of the most enigmatic characters in these books. He’s a dark man, but at the same time there’s still goodness and morality inside him. Although Kade thinks he’s a lost soul, Kathleen believes he isn’t damned. She is very loyal to those she loves, and doesn’t give up on them. This may be just what Kade needs to finally come to peace with himself.

The first time I read the series, I was a little bummed and shocked that Kade won the girl. I remembered all the things Kathleen and Blane went through in book one. Because of them, I couldn’t believe they could just forget those moments, especially the Christmas tree shopping night. Blane is an insecure man, though. Despite Kathleen’s best efforts, she was unable to save their relationship. Eventually, Kathleen comes to realize that her true love is Kade. They’re the most unlikely of lovers, but I think that’s what makes them stand out.

I really enjoyed this series. It’s become one of my favorites. There’s quite a bit of romance, but more than enough action to satisfy male readers. The main draw for me was Kathleen. She’s a great character, and her story arc is considerably rich. Kathleen changes a lot throughout the five books. As an author, I know it’s not a piece of cake to do that just right. Also, the ebooks are properly formatted (I read them on Kindle). There aren’t any errors, editing mistakes, or plot holes. All in all, this was a marvelous series. These books will most likely be among those I’d want to re-read.


A stunning page turner!



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