This scene is from an early draft of the book. In it, Rebecca gets killed off long before her demise in the final published book. Her early death didn’t serve the plot well. Rebecca still dies the same way, though.

A small thud woke Rebecca up. She was in her bedroom. For the past few days, she had been resting to recover from the gunshot. The doctor was able to fix her up. Rebecca felt glad that she hadn’t had an infection.
Rebecca leaned up in bed. She was still in pain. The doctor had prescribed medicine for that. Rebecca listened intently. She sensed there was someone in the apartment.
“Is that you, Christopher?” Rebecca asked. She got out of bed and put on her sandals. After covering herself with a night robe, Rebecca walked out of her room. She moved with caution.
Before Rebecca could get to her living room, a large hand grabbed her by the throat. She shrieked.
“Hello, dear.”
Rebecca’s eyes widened.
“You! I thought you were dead.”
Hilbert smiled. There was a bad part to it, in Rebecca’s opinion. Rather than appearing sinister, Hilbert was rather handsome. Who would have thought a serial rapist hid behind that face? He looked different, thought. Hilbert had dyed his dark blonde hair to black, and it was longer. He’d also shaved his facial hair. Rebecca could imagine that it would be a chore to dye it, too.
“You wish I had kicked the bucket, don’t you?”
“No. I missed you, Hilbert. When I thought you died, I…the pain from my gunshot doesn’t compare to it.”
Hilbert scoffed, but Rebecca ignored it.
“How did you escape?”
“With my cunning. That steroid junkie really did try to kill me. A prison guard shot him, but I let him hurt me just enough to be taken to the hospital.”
“I…I was told that you died.”
“Of course that’s what I wanted everyone to believe. I paid off the doctor to declare me dead. At night, I escaped from the morgue. I was still hurt, so I’ve been recovering at an apartment rented under my father’s name.”
Rebecca thought for a moment, absorbing the news. Her mind was close to reeling.
“Does he know?”
“Yes. But that doesn’t matter. I’m free now, and my father can’t turn me in even if he wanted to.”
“Why are you here?”
Hilbert laughed. He was still holding Rebecca by her neck. She didn’t want to try to get out of it.
“I just found out something in the news recently. And it troubles me.”
“What? Are they looking for you?”
“They don’t have a damn clue. I’m here for you, my dear.”
Hilbert’s eyes narrowed. Rebecca tried not to panic. When Hilbert got angry, he could be frightening.
“What do you mean?”
Hilbert tightened his hold on her. Rebecca’s hands instinctively went up, over his.
“Why did you try to kill Amanda? I thought I made it clear that you weren’t to lay a hand on her.”
Rebecca looked at Hilbert with indignation.
“That bitch is the reason you’re here now, like this.”
Hilbert slapped Rebecca hard. She stumbled to the floor, managing to land on her palms. She felt blood starting to drip from her nostrils.
“Never badmouth Amanda again.”
Rebecca shook her head at Hilbert. She then touched a hand to her cheek.
“You are so pussywhipped. Don’t you see that you’re losing everything because of her?”
“I don’t care what you think. You’re going to pay for attempting to kill her.”
Hilbert picked Rebecca up by her shirt collar. With his left hand, he reached around and touched her wound. Rebecca let out a wail of pain.
“Ouch! What’s wrong with you?”
“I warned you not to mess with Amanda. Now you must face the consequences.”
“Stop this, Hilbert. I did it because I love you. Amanda took you away from me. You were all I had, so I took everything that she had, too.”
Hilbert palmed the wound again. Rebecca cried out.
“You’re delusional, Rebecca. I’ve always been very clear with you. There was nothing serious between us.”
Hilbert held Rebecca by the neck. His right hand reached into his jeans pocket. He withdrew a knife. Rebecca panicked at the sight.
“Wait!” Rebecca said. “I’ve put a plan into motion, Hilbert. It benefits you. I got Amanda and Nathan to break up. Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“I guess I owe a bit of thanks to you. However, you crossed a line when you tried to kill Amanda. I can’t forgive you for that.”
Rebecca looked into Hilbert’s eyes. There was some finality in them.
“No, please. Please!”
Hilbert’s hand moved fast. The blade sank into Rebecca’s abdomen. She stiffened, her mouth open. The pain was so intense she couldn’t even scream.
Hilbert withdrew the knife. He stabbed Rebecca again in a different spot. She screamed then. Hilbert still held on to her neck.
“I’m sorry, but you had to pay.”
Rebecca’s vision was starting to turn black. She focused on Hilbert. So much for the love she felt. In the end, Rebecca would die by his hand.
Slowly, Rebecca dropped to the floor. She touched her abdomen, grimacing in pain. Hilbert wiped off the knife with her clothes. He then left the apartment.



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