blank-slate-tiffanysnowBLANK SLATE

Author: Tiffany Snow
Published on: December 18, 2012
Genre: Mystery, suspense
Published by: Montlake romance
Format: E-book, paperback, audible

Special Agent Erik Langston has been tracking Clarissa O’Connell for nearly a year, always one step behind the cyber hacking thief. She’s escaped his clutches often and easily.

Except tonight.

In the snow-covered switchbacks of the Colorado mountains in a worsening snowstorm, a car crash robs Clarissa of her memory and lands her as Erik’s prisoner.

Riding out the storm in a cabin, Erik is forced to protect someone he knows to be a criminal, though O’Connell isn’t anything like he’d imagined her to be.

In a race to stay one step ahead of those who’ll do anything for what she knows, Clarissa and Erik must dig into her locked memories if they’re going to survive. Can she trust his feelings even when he knows the truth?

Is it really possible to start over with a blank slate?


This is one of those books that far outshine their cover art. So don’t judge based on looks! Blank Slate is Tiffany Snow’s debut novel, which shows how amazingly talented she is. The book is told from the first-person POVs of Special Agent Erik Langston and Clarissa O’Connell. She’s what mainly drew me to Blank Slate, as Clarissa is a highly skilled computer hacker. I like women who aren’t intimidated by technology.

Erik has been tracking down Clarissa for months. This straddles the level of an obsession: at the start of the book, Erik gives up celebrating New Year’s Eve. He is following a solid lead that could let him catch Clarissa once and for all. Erik crashes a party where she is rumored to be. Clarissa is there on a personal mission. She leaves after finishing what she needed to do, but not before Erik notices. A car chase ensues. Despite all her efforts, Clarissa is unable to lose Erik. She ends up going over a cliff. The impact leaves Clarissa amnesiac.

Erik collects Clarissa, intending to turn her in to the authorities. As it’s the dead of night, the two take shelter in a seemingly abandoned cabin. Clarissa wakes up confused. She tries to escape, but fails. When Clarissa tells Erik that she doesn’t know who she is, he thinks she’s playing a bad joke on him. It doesn’t take long before Erik realizes that Clarissa is being honest. This creates a whole new set of problems. Clarissa has made a lot of bad people angry, and they’re coming after her.

Sexual tension rises when Clarissa and Erik are forced to wait out a blizzard in his truck. Despite knowing that he must turn her in, Erik can’t help the powerful attraction he feels for Clarissa. Unusual for a genius hacker, she’s exceptionally beautiful. Clarissa is nothing like Erik imagined her to be, amnesiac or not. He thought he would hate her, but it’s turning out to be quite the opposite. Clarissa’s feelings for him are growing, too. However, she’s more cautious. Clarissa fears that her true self may be someone that Erik couldn’t possibly want.

Erik and Clarissa outrun dangerous people, never staying in the same place too long. They know that Clarissa’s memories are the only way to solve their problems. But is everything what it seems? And what will happen when Clarissa regains her memory? With fast-paced scenes, rising tension, and shocking revelations, Blank Slate is one of the finest debut novels I’ve read. The protagonists are fully fleshed-out, and they make you root for them. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy top-notch romantic suspense. Romance-only or mystery/suspense-only readers will find a lot to like in this book, too. Have a cup of coffee handy in the morning, because you might just want to read Blank Slate through the night!


A stunning page turner!



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