The time’s finally here again. It’s been several months (almost a full year) since the last time I did a cover reveal. Today, it will be for my latest work, In A Greater Reality. My new book will be standalone and is a sci-fi romance. As such, it has no connection to any of my previous books. I’m glad to have had the chance to work on this new book at last. It’s an idea I’ve been itching to work on.
Without further ado, I’ll present to you the official cover art for In A Greater Reality. I think it suits the book rather well. I took a risk setting up the title like that, and I hope it’s not jarring to anyone. None of the characters are featured, but this is much more a sci-fi book than a romance. Here it is:


In A Greater Reality is set in the year 2028. Naturally, the technology of that time is significantly more advanced than it is today. As I’m fascinated by computers and tech, it was fun coming up with all that. One of the new technologies in the book, called RETCON, plays a rather central role. It is almost a character, so without it, I couldn’t have written this book. Here’s the official synopsis:

Frank Polansky is a 22-year-old store employee unsatisfied with his life. He wishes that he and his sister Courtney could achieve their dreams. They haven’t had much success due to coming from a poor family and being stuck in a shitty town.
One day, Frank runs into Dr. Kevin Sherman, a renowned physicist from Philadelphia. The man offers to help Frank and Courtney turn their lives around. Thinking he has nothing to lose, Frank accepts the help. He later wakes up to find that his wishes have somehow come true. Frank now has a chance to date his strongest crush, Marjorie Howell. In addition, he and Courtney are set to attend a major university.
Unbeknownst to Frank and Courtney, they are soon reported missing by their family and friends. The siblings have no idea where they’ve truly ended up. Jackie Clarkson, Frank’s closest friend, takes it upon herself to investigate his disappearance. She eventually learns about RETCON, an obscure scientific project that could change the world. Jackie decides to go after Frank so she can reveal her true feelings to him. Unfortunately, convincing Frank to return to a life where he seemingly has nothing will be a difficult endeavor.

With today’s cover art and synopsis reveal, the promo campaign for In A Greater Reality kicks off. I’ll unveil new stuff in the coming weeks. To make all of this easier to find, I’ve come up with a hashtag: #LinkToRETCON. You may be wondering, what is RETCON exactly? I’ll reveal that pretty soon. Next week I’m posting the first sneak peek, so stay tuned.
This is all for today, guys. Have a happy Columbus Day!


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