FLUX FLAME (Flame Moon, #3)

Author: K.J. Jackson
Published on: October 28, 2013
 Fantasy, romance

Published by: AWD Publishing

A dark path is calling, and though she fights it, Skye soon finds herself lost in the most important battle of her life. A fight for control over her very own soul.

Watching his wife crumble from the inside out, Aiden is forced into the hardest decisions of his life. Decisions that will either save or damn Skye.

While Aiden and Skye fight the darkness within, Charlotte and Triaten find themselves swept up by an outside force that is determined to end their bond.

Fate and the flame moon threaten them all, and the four friends must find a way to band together against the evil that threatens all of humanity.

The Flame Moon series is intended for mature audiences. There is violence, sexual situations, and harsh language.


I thought the first two books in the Flame Moon series ended a bit quickly. Maybe that’s because I enjoyed them so much. I usually aren’t too fond of unoriginal fantasy (the characters in this trilogy are based off Greek deities), but these books were really well done. The main characters are Skye, Aiden, Triaten, Charlotte, and Shiv. They’re Panthenites, a semi-magical race that humans used to view as gods. The Panthenites have their opposites, known as Malefics. Neither of them look any different from humans, so they’re able to coexist.

Once again, Flux Flame picks up at the exact point the previous book left off. As you’ll remember if you read Triple Infinity, Skye has landed in huge personal trouble. After she and Shiv were caught in a surprise attack, they underwent a transformation. This comes as a shock to Skye, who was convinced that her sister Shiv was human and died in the attack. The latter appears jubilant with her second chance at life. And Skye couldn’t be happier to have her sister back—even with what Shiv has become. Aiden wasn’t fond of Shiv in the first place, so it’s a wonder how things will turn out.

Although the transformation hardly changed Shiv, it wreaks havoc in Skye. Horrified by the effects of her change, Skye goes with Aiden to a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere. There, they spend time trying to figure out how to fix Skye. I was a little annoyed by this, as Skye went through a similar therapy in book one. That one she did alone, though. This time around, it will be a lot harder. Aiden and Skye will find themselves going down a dark spiral that they might not return from.

When the change in Skye renders her so unstable that she almost murders Charlotte, one of the elders is called down. Helen, who is arguably the most self-righteous of the Panthenites’ ruling triad, tells Aiden and Skye to go in search of an individual who may be able to help them. Seeing it as their last hope, they go there immediately. Meanwhile, the Panthenites and the Malefics are still at war. While Skye and Charlotte were alone, the Malefics led a large number of Panthenite warriors into a trap. Aiden and Triaten managed to survive, fortunately.

Unlike the previous book, Shiv isn’t around that much. I would have liked to see more of her. Shiv is now my favorite Flame Moon characters. She’s had really bad luck in her previous life, and is now trying to change that. I like Shiv because she leans toward the good side, despite her dark nature. Shiv hasn’t had much chance to be on her own thanks to Evan, her and Skye’s father. Evan has dropped Shiv off at the castle of a Malefic royal named Damien. He plays the main role in one of Flux Flame’s main subplots. Evan and Damien have Shiv do their bidding, showing that they don’t care much for her. Shiv isn’t allegiant to them, though. She still remains faithful to Skye. This bond may just make all the difference once the shit hits the fan!

With the Malefics planning a second catastrophe, it is imperative for Skye to recover quickly. She’s perhaps the only one who can turn the tables. It is revealed that the Malefics have one of their own who has a power to equal Skye’s in significance. This time, if the Panthenites fail, the cost won’t be thousands of people…it’ll be millions. How will Skye, Aiden, and their team overcome the imminent final fight in the flame moon cycle? The ending is satisfying and rather wonderful. I’m quite satisfied with it, although I wouldn’t say no to further entries in the Flame Moon series! Perhaps a Shiv-centric spinoff? The author has said that she may let those characters rest, though. This final book was every bit as good as the first two. It’s got it all: intriguing magic, grave danger, and marvelous action. Readers learn more about the world of the Panthenites and their origins. There wasn’t as much character development as in Flame Moon and Triple Infinity, though. Despite that, there were significantly less grammatical errors here. I was glad for that.

This book is intended for mature audiences only due to sexual content, plus some violence.


A stunning page turner!



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