TRIPLE INFINITY (Flame Moon, #2)

Author: K.J. Jackson
Published on: April 25, 2013
 Fantasy, romance

Published by: AWD Publishing

A quiet, unremarkable peace.

That was the state of life Charlotte was living in before Skye came into their mountain town, and exploded everything. Her life. Triaten’s life.

And Charlotte and Triaten go down a path that never should have been breached. A path that tears their friendships apart.

As Aiden continues to train Skye against the threats of the flame moon, Triaten and Charlotte must find a way to come back from their worst mistake.

To prove that explosions aren’t always bad. And that fate, and destiny, are maybe worth paying attention to.

The Flame Moon series is intended for mature audiences. There is violence, sexual situations, and language.


Triple Infinity picks up right where Flame Moon left off. A war has started, heralded by the flame moon that Skye, Aiden, Triaten, and Charlotte witnessed. In the lore of the Panthenites (their supernatural race), a flame moon signals an imbalance between the forces of good and evil. It almost always precedes a significant war. By now, everyone knows about Skye and her powers. Also, the Malefics (the opposites of the Panthenites) are riled up because Aiden killed many of them. Skye tried to fix it by sending time back, which can bring back some of the dead. Only a few of the Malefics made it back alive.

For most of the first part of the book, Skye and Aiden are absent. They’re visiting old Panthenite masters so Skye can train with them. This isn’t shown, so the main characters are now Triaten (Aiden’s best friend) and Shiv (Skye’s younger sister). The latter just arrived at the Panthenites’ mountain town in search of Skye. Triaten, who’s already met Shiv, is curious about what she wants with Skye. As a mind reader, he learned that Shiv harbors resent toward Skye. Shiv agrees to wait for her sister.

An inner conflict soon grows within Triaten. He’s in love with Charlotte, but she mourns her former lover–who was killed twenty or so years ago. Charlotte is away now, so Triaten has been mostly by himself. As he’d gotten used to having company, Triaten is only too happy to invite Shiv to stay at the ranch he owns. She is soon revealed to be more pleasant than they’d all thought. Shiv is hardworking and caring, but with a tough outer shell. Spending all her time at the ranch means Shiv sees a lot of Triaten. As time passes, they both become closer to each other. Despite his misgivings, Triaten can’t resist the beautiful Shiv. They both agree to a no-strings relationship. This is problematic on one side, because the elders—the Panthenites’ ruling body—do not allow their kind to mate with humans.

When Aiden and Skye return, the latter isn’t pleased with Triaten’s decision. He’s grown to love Shiv, so he can’t promise to stay away from her. Skye relents when she learns a secret that Shiv’s been keeping. The two sisters make progress in repairing their bond. There’s not much time for this, though, as the first strike of the war happens soon after. Charlotte almost dies when she’s caught in the crossfire. Skye has to unwittingly make a deep sacrifice to save her. The combat training she received shows itself then. The fierceness with which Skye fights a group of Malefics really awes Aiden and Triaten. They all return to the mountain, where Triaten and Charlotte reconcile. Shiv, who saw this coming, prepares to leave. Skye tries to prevent this, but she and Shiv are caught in an unexpected attack that’ll change them forever.

The repercussions of this attack leave Triple Infinity ending in a cliffhanger. By this point, I was really thrilled with this book. It’s awesome, and I really liked the characters. Shiv is a great addition. She carried this book just as well as Skye carried Flame Moon. I found Shiv’s story compelling, and she wasn’t hard to like. She’s more than just the third part of a love triangle. Although Shiv has suffered a lot, she still hasn’t given up on everything. It’s moving just how deeply Skye cares for Shiv, too. Although the characters and the story were excellent, this book still suffers from some of the flaws Flame Moon had. A few editing errors are still here, though I found they didn’t slow me down. They’re nothing that should have you wanting to skip Triple Infinity, and no plot holes either. If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. The cliffhanger had me pick up the third entry right away.

This book is intended for mature audiences only due to sexual content, plus some violence.


A stunning page turner!



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