Good morning! Today, it’s my pleasure to reveal the first information about the book I’ve been working on. This one has been really great fun to write. I find technology fascinating, and there’s a lot of it in my new book. One piece of tech in particular has a key role to play. It’s pretty exciting, so I’m going to reveal it later.

My upcoming novel will be a standalone book. It will be my first in the science fiction genre, although there’s also a good amount of romance. I’ve settled on a title now, and it will be In A Greater Reality. This book will be set in Miami and Philadelphia of the late 2020s. The book centers on Frank Polansky, who longs for a better life for him and his younger sister, Courtney. Even though Frank has several desires (and a certain girl is among them), he is willing to sacrifice them all so Courtney can reach her own dreams. When someone offers Frank a great opportunity to improve his and Courtney’s life, he takes it almost without question. Only, Frank has no idea what he has truly signed up for.

I aim to release In A Greater Reality on November 5 of this year. The cover reveal will be on October 12. In the weeks leading up to the release, I’m also posting the official synopsis and a small sneak peek. Yes, if you’ve noticed, I’m rather excited about this book. It’ll be great, if I do say so myself. 😉 I can’t wait to share it with you all.
Have a great day, and stay tuned!


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