Last week was the first in September. Can you believe how fast the summer is going? For fans of Harry Potter, though, September 1 means a new term at Hogwarts. This year is significant because Harry Potter’s son, James Sirius Potter, officially starts his first school year. J.K. Rowling tweeted about it herself. Naturally, James was sorted into Gryffindor. It was also revealed that Teddy Lupin is a Hufflepuff, and Head Boy!

One of the most popular aspects of Harry Potter’s world is the Sorting into Houses. By their twenties, most fans should already know which one they’d belong in. I’m in Ravenclaw and proud of it. Despite that, I have to admit that I once fancied myself in Gryffindor, only because it is Harry Potter’s own House. Ravenclaw was the Hogwarts House that most caught my eye when I first learned about the series, though. And my favorite color is blue, too.

In light of this new term at Hogwarts, I thought it would be fun to Sort a few of my own characters into Houses. I’ll also guess which ones some of my favorite celebrities may be in. Here they are:


Gryffindor: Amanda Tilley, Ashton Robards, Christopher Holt, Ryan Tilley
Hufflepuff: Nathan Ferland, Claire Greene, Kellan Hughes
Ravenclaw: Kayla Moran, Grecia Nichols, Emmy Crenshaw, Rebecca Jenkins
Slytherin: Judith Vawer, Marissa Velasquez, Hilbert Melendez



Gryffindor: Christina Perri, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jennifer Lawrence
I think Christina Perri would best fit into Gryffindor. Most of her songs are about courage (e.g. “I Believe” and “Burning Gold”).  JLaw would also belong in this House. Not only is she the Girl on Fire, Jennifer is also not afraid to be awkward or silly. And Joseph gives off a gentlemanly vibe. His characters in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises were notable for being brave, too.

Hufflepuff: Lily Collins, Emma Watson, Alexis Ren
Lily Collins is beautiful, dreamy, and charismatic. Who wouldn’t want her as a best friend? Emma Watson’s stance on gender equality and her selfless demeanor make her fitting for Hufflepuff, IMO. In Alexis Ren’s case, I believe you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s happier with their life. She’s also incredibly cute.

Ravenclaw: Christopher Nolan, Hayley Williams, Emma Stone
Come on, Chris Nolan directed the legendary Dark Knight trilogy. He also directed other remarkable films, including Inception. Anyone with a filmography like that under their belt is pretty sharp-minded in my book. Hayley Williams seems a little like Luna Lovegood, minus the dottiness. She is herself and proud of it. As for Emma Stone, have you heard how she started her career? She persuaded her family to let her be an actress by using a PowerPoint. That’s clever, and quite original.

Slytherin: Cher Lloyd, Robert Downey Jr., Ashley Benson
I think of Cher Lloyd as a good “bad” girl. She also knows what she wants and strives for it. I love Cher Lloyd’s voice, too. That British accent is something. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t too different from Tony Stark. 
They’re both quite proud, and Robert is said to have quite a temper. Ashley Benson’s got plenty of ambition, and her femme-fatale looks are not to be underestimated.

So, which House do you think you’d be in? You’re welcome to chime in by leaving a comment.


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