SCREAM FOR ME (For Me, #3)

Author: Cynthia Eden
Published on: February 4, 2014
 Mystery, romance

Published by: Montlake Romance
 E-book, paperback, Audible

Nothing is deeper than the desire they can’t fight—or deadlier than the evil they can’t escape.

They were only supposed to have a professional relationship, but FBI agent Kyle McKenzie has been fantasizing about his sexy partner, Cadence Hollow, from the moment they first met. It takes the darkest case of their careers to finally bring their hidden desire bubbling to the surface. Once they’re in each other’s arms, though, they swear that nothing short of death will part them. The Night Hunter—a cunning stalker whose four-state, fifteen-year abduction spree began in Paradox, Alabama, with Kyle’s sister—may be only too happy to oblige.

In the small town, Kyle must confront the painful past he’s been hiding from Cadence. Kyle vows to put the Hunter behind bars…or in the ground. But the one thing that obsesses Kyle more than his sister’s grim fate—his furious love for Cadence—is the weapon the Hunter will use to lure his pursuers into the mouth of a murderous trap.


Cynthia Eden delivers another hit with Scream For Me. Even though this book is in the same series as Die for Me, a new cast of characters is introduced. The protagonists are Kyle McKenzie and Cadence Hollow, two FBI agents sent to Paradox, Alabama to assist in an investigation. The police chief, James Anniston, summoned them after a young woman was abducted at a highway in the dead of night. Anniston called Agent McKenzie at once, since the abduction resembles another one that happened fifteen years earlier. McKenzie was involved in that one, too.

Right from the start, you find out that Kyle and Cadence have the hots for each other. Their attraction has been there for a long time, but they haven’t been brave enough to act on it. Both Kyle and Cadence have a deep secret that they aren’t yet willing to share with each other. Cadence, though, knows enough to be aware that Kyle may be too close to the case to be entirely objective.

The bad guy this time around is dubbed the Night Hunter. The media christened him so because he preys on young women, kidnapping them on dark highways. Kyle and Cadence work with the police in order to help stop the killer. They get a break when Kyle finds the kidnapped woman’s phone. She turns out to be Lily, a popular waitress who is a single mother. Lily’s last call leads Kyle and Cadence to her ex-husband’s house, where he tries to escape.

Cadence proves to be rather integral to the case. As a profiler, she is known for placing herself in the minds of the victims instead of the killer’s. She and Kyle ask the cops to tell them where in Paradox there may be a place suitable for the perp to hide his victims. They find out about a large system of caverns nearby. Almost no one ever goes there, since they’ve been deemed unstable. Kyle and Cadence decide to search the caverns and the surrounding grounds, anyway.

It is soon clear that the Night Hunter takes pleasure at taunting Agent McKenzie. Cadence is aware of this and warns her partner not to let the killer get to him. Things become personal for Kyle soon enough, to the point that the FBI top guy considers dropping him from the case. When the Night Hunter threatens Cadence, that is the last straw for Kyle. He becomes determined to find the killer no matter what. To Cadence’s bemusement, Kyle confesses that he will kill the Night Hunter if the opportunity presents itself.

Kyle’s and Cadence’s relationship grows at a more than steady pace throughout the book. I thought it was just right. It wasn’t fast enough to be insta-love (though it would be if Kyle and Cadence didn’t already know each other) or slow enough to be frustrating. Their chemistry was rather hot, though. Sizzling. If you enjoy your mysteries with plenty of romance, this book will definitely satisfy you. As Cadence and Kyle pursue the killer and share experiences together, you find out just how much they care about each other.

Who is the Night Hunter, though? There are a few characters who could be that killer. It may come as a bit of a shock to you. The way he plays a dangerous game with Cadence and Kyle is really twisted. Whereas Die For Me is about how nurture can influence who you become, Scream for Me is about the darkness we all carry. The Night Hunter is overflowing with it. Kyle has plenty. It’s their choices that make the difference.

I really enjoyed this book. There are plenty of thrills, and the plot is well done. A few things are left without explanation, though. The author never reveals why two suspects are adamant that the same particular woman can alibi them out. Also, Cadence was hard to read at times, especially when she had to decide whether she should give in to her feelings for Kyle or not. All in all, Scream For Me is another great hit from Cynthia Eden. Mystery and romance readers alike will enjoy this book.

This book is recommended for readers 17+ due to some steamy scenes. Violence level: Medium High.


A stunning page turner!



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