UNFORGIVEN (Forbidden Bond, #2)

Author: Cat Miller
Published on: May 27, 2014
 Fantasy, contemporary romance

Published by: Montlake Romance
Formats: E-book, paperback, Audible

Things are about to heat up…

Brandi Vaughn wishes she could stand out. She’d do anything to get out from behind the shadow of her socialite family—which now includes Dani, her half sister, recently discovered to be the most powerful vampire known to their kind.

But Brandi is more extraordinary than anyone realizes. The fiery young vamp has a secret elemental power—an inner flame that she must keep under control so as not to reveal herself to the dangerous rogue vampire targeting exceptional talents like hers. But when two desperate followers of the Rogue attempt to kidnap Dani during her wedding ceremony, Brandi lets loose with a pyrotechnic display that doesn’t go unnoticed…

As the vampire nation comes face-to-face with the threat of the Shade army, Brandi is caught in an emotional tug of war between the light and the dark. Torn between the affections of lovers from both factions, she will need to choose who to trust with her heart: a warrior or a rogue.


Things are mostly the same since the ending in Unbound. This second installment picks up at the point the first book left off. Soleil Danielle Vaughn, a former demi-vamp, was turned into a full vampire after a member of the vampire warrior class tried to bond with her. The bonding failed, and now that vampire, Darren, is on hiding.

Unforgiven begins when Dani’s bonding ceremony with Chase Deidrick is about to start. They had a tumultuous relationship in the previous book, but in the end, their love was able to prevail. The vampire society has mostly accepted Dani, especially now that she’s a full vampire. Dani is eager to bond herself to Chase. She fears that the bonding might fail again, though.

Before the ceremony can take place, Darren and an accomplice try to abduct Dani. The latter’s half-sister, Brandi, is able to thwart the attempt. She follows them and manages to rescue Dani. In the process, Brandi reveals her newly acquired pyrokinetic powers and gets shot by Darren. She barely makes it out alive. Vampires in the Forbidden Bond series can heal quickly, but gunshots are still serious injuries for them. Greyson, an ex-trauma surgeon turned vampire warrior, is able to nurse Brandi back to health. When Brandi wakes up, she feels a strong attraction toward Greyson. Days after Dani’s kidnapping attempt, Brandi and Greyson start a relationship. They don’t let their age difference (which is decades) stand between them.

Several months pass. Brandi is now in full health. She’s also running in different circles these days. Brandi used to be a Hermione-ish brainiac and a fan of sports. She’s let go of all that to be more like her socialite sister, Samantha. Now referring to herself as New Brandi, she makes herself a part of high society, to the point of abandoning her nerdy friends. Brandi faces the consequences one day when she visits Thirst, a popular vampire club. Brandi’s ex-boyfriend is peeved that she no longer gives him the light of day, and tries to teach her a lesson. In the nick of time, a shady vampire named Abel shows up to save Brandi. He turns out to be the vampire who helped Darren try to kidnap Dani. Brandi has been dreaming about him, but this is the first time they come face-to-face in months. Since Brandi is incapacitated, Abel takes her somewhere safe while she recovers.

In the time that has passed, the vampire rogue who’s also been after Dani has gathered an army. They call themselves the Shade. The Rogue wants Dani because he wants to absorb her powers. She’s not just one of the strongest telekinetics. Dani can also control other vampires—a rare gift— and communicate via telepathy. Abel happens to be the Rogue’s right-hand man. He knows that Brandi is a fire starter, but has kept quiet because he has feelings for her. Brandi also feels something for him, but she doesn’t want to betray her boyfriend or her people.

Although Brandi, Greyson, and Abel are this book’s main protagonists, other characters from the first book also return. Griffin and Tessa Vaughn’s story arc continues as a subplot. They are Dani’s parents, and they were separated two decades ago. Tessa has been suffering in silence, as Griffin used to believe that she and their daughter were dead. Despite Griffin’s claims to love Tessa, he has continued to prove otherwise. She’s become tired of it and has grown closer to the vampire’s medic, Doc Reilly Stevens. Doc saved her life at the start of the book. Tessa’s precognitive talents will drive a large part of the plot in Unforgiven. As for Dani’s college friends (all human), they are still absent, but one of them makes a surprising reappearance. Kayden Paris, the son of the warrior class’s commander, also plays an important role.

Brandi’s fire-manipulation powers are eventually brought to light. The Rogue naturally sets his sights on her, even though he doesn’t know her identity at first. Abel continues to keep the secret, but the Shade are beginning to grow suspicious of him. There’s a coming war, and it is revealed that only one vampire has the power to turn it in the favor of the good guys or the bad guys. Is this vampire the obvious answer—Brandi—or is it someone else? The ending has a couple of twists that will leave you slack-jawed. I wasn’t able to put down this book once I approached the last chapters. They are thrilling enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

This book is recommended to readers 17+ due to sex scenes and nudity, and some mild horror.


Absolute must-read. It’s amazing!!!



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