the-profilers-daughter-pmsteffenTHE PROFILER’S DAUGHTER (Sky Stone, #1)

Author: P.M. Steffen
Published on: October 19, 2012
 Thriller, Mystery

Published by: Lion Dog Press
 E-book, paperback, Audible

A grisly murder. A six-year-old eyewitness. A gun from the grave.

The Profiler’s Daughter is a psychologically haunting thriller that combines murder mystery, love triangle, and family intrigue in one satisfying page burner.

Sky Stone was born into the wealth and privilege of Boston’s oldest Brahmin family but chooses instead to follow in the footsteps of her deceased father, legendary FBI profiler Monk Stone. In the chilly morning hours before the Boston Marathon, when a beautiful university student is found strangled and mutilated, her body left at the base of Heartbreak Hill, Sky returns from self-imposed exile to investigate. Thirty-six hours into the investigation, Sky’s world turns upside down when she is fired from the Homicide team. They pin the murder on an innocent man, forcing Sky into a life-threatening game of cat and mouse with the real killer. From the stately mansions of Beacon Hill to the flat scrubland of central Texas, Sky keeps the reader on a razor’s edge, culminating in a no-holds-barred shoot-out.

The Profiler’s Daughter, the first in the Sky Stone Thriller series, introduces a moody, enigmatic, and brilliant female sleuth with the fierce bite of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander. As adeptly written as Martin Cruz Smith’s complex Arkady Renko novels, this thriller offers an intriguing plot, richly detailed characters, and an astonishing conclusion guaranteed to leave the reader begging for more.


This is one of the best novels I’ve read this summer. At first glance, I didn’t think it would be so good, reminding one not to judge a book by its unremarkable cover. I liked the main character, Skylar Winthrop Stone (a cool name). She’s a forensic psychologist, daughter of legendary FBI profiler Monk Stone, and heiress to the Winthrop fortune. Sky leads the investigation of a college student’s murder, the morning before the Boston Marathon. This crime baffles the police throughout the book.

Skylar, whose youthful looks conceal her real age (she’s 24), already has a doctorate. She also has a variety of other talents. One thing I admired about Sky is that she consults for the police instead of leading a life of comforts with her family’s life. That speaks a lot about her. Sky is described as having great beauty, especially when she dresses up. Despite being so tiny, Sky can defend herself very well. Her quick thinking gets her out of a few tight corners. Sky was in a relationship with a cop, Jake Farrell. Before the events in this book, Sky experienced a tragedy that drove them apart. They still love each other, and it’s insinuated that they reconcile by the end.

The Profiler’s Daughter has one of the most cunning and well-written villains I’ve read about. For those of you who haven’t read the book, I won’t spoil the truth for you. Skylar, however, sets her sights on a particular man early on. She is unfaltering, and her almost obsessive certainty has close friends believe that she’s lost her marbles. That’s not too surprising, due to the emotional trauma Sky went through. She is also said to have panic attacks.

Apart from Jake, there’s a secondary love interest. However, he appears near the end of the book when Sky takes a trip to Texas. His name is Ben Yost, but people call him Butch. He particularly stands out (literally) because of his towering six feet eight inches. That’s so tall, I think it would take three of Sky to reach his head! Apart from Butch’s height, Sky also immediately notices his attractiveness. She describes him as sort of a blonde Henry Cavill. Butch is quite forward, and somewhat charming. He also keeps calling Sky “sweet thing”. Sky and Butch eventually give in to their desire. Their relationship’s status is unknown when the book ends, but Butch told Sky that he would visit her at home.

The Profiler’s Daughter was quite a long novel, but there’s plenty of suspense to keep the reader hooked. I’m not sure why I waited so long to read this book (I’m guilty of judging it by its cover). Given the size, you’d think there’s a lot of fluff, but that’s not the case. There are slow parts, but they don’t detract much. The book would benefit from slimming down, though (my Kindle counts over 600 pages). It’s also a little hard to keep track of the sheer number of characters. The inclusion of a second love interest was strange, too. I wondered why Sky wouldn’t just return with Jake, but then, not all romances prosper.

This is the first of the Sky Stone thriller series, although there’s no sequel yet as of 2015. It’s been so long that I wondered if the series was abandoned. If you check the author’s Facebook page, though, there’s a comment where she says that she’s busy working on the next Sky Stone book. The Profiler’s Daughter is the size of two books, so it’s no wonder. I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel. The novel is so good that I think it would make a good movie, or perhaps a TV show due to the size. While I was reading the book, I thought Rooney Mara would make a great Sky Stone. She would fit the part so well, at least in looks.

This book is recommended for readers 17+ due to some steamy scenes. Violence level: Medium.


Seriously liked it!



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