three-ja-konrathTHREE (Codename: Chandler, #3)

Author: J. A. Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson
Published on: June 25, 2013

Published by: Thomas & Mercer
Format: E-book, paperback, Audible


Time is running out for Chandler, the elite assassin whose mission to rescue her sister from a notorious black ops prison landed her at the top of the nation’s Most Wanted list. Burned by her handlers and forced to work with her mortal enemy in a race to preserve the very government that wants her dead, the living weapon has become a ticking time bomb.


In saving her sister, Chandler unleashed a power-mad American president dead set on controlling the world–no matter how many millions of innocent people he must kill to do it. To stop him, Chandler will go deeper than she’s ever gone before, pushing her body and mind to their absolute limits. All the while she is hunted by the one man who knows her every secret, her every hiding place–and her every weakness.

Infiltrating the White House, crashing a bullfight in Mexico City, hijacking a blimp in Toronto…these are just the beginning of the end, as the Codename: Chandler trilogy races towards its stunning conclusion.


A thrilling read that will not let you go until the last page.

This is a satisfying conclusion (or is it?) to the Codename: Chandler trilogy. I’m questioning the conclusion part because I wonder whether there will be a fourth installment. There have been rumors, and the ending suggests it. I don’t know anything for sure, so I’ll continue with my review of THREE. The story picks up right where SPREE left off. Chandler is really burning the candle at both ends, and she’s facing her most difficult mission yet. After her failed relationship at the end of the last book, Chandler finds herself struggling to avoid crumbling to pieces. She is wondering whether she has any humanity left inside her, after all the people she’s killed. Meanwhile, The Instructor has done a Ra’s Al Ghul and turned on his former students. He used Chandler to get rid of the former President and aid the new one in a heinous plot. In order to stop him, Chandler and her trusted twin and former handler Fleming will have to ally with their mortal enemy of the previous two books, their identical sister Hammett. Hammett’s not thrilled that The Instructor’s plan to discredit Chandler and Fleming also affects her, because they all have the same face.

The feisty trio go to a secluded island whose only resident is a young woman named Julie. Just when Chandler thinks they’ve found safe refuge, she and her group are attacked by a team of trained killers. Chandler, Fleming, and Hammett are easily overwhelmed and Julie is kidnapped. Chandler easily deduces that The Instructor is responsible for the kidnapping, and forms a plan to stop him. Since Julie is the carrier of a deadly and highly contagious virus, rescuing her is of the utmost importance. Old allies return, including detective Jack Daniels and obnoxious PI Harry McGlade.

Surprisingly, Chandler and Fleming warm up to Hammett during their mission together, though they still don’t trust her. One thing I found funny is that Hammett has a soft spot for dogs. A merciless, psychopathic, trained killer who loves pooches. What do you know? It’s very strange that a human believes dogs are much more important than her own race.

Fleming returns…and more badass than ever. This woman practically steals the spotlight in this book and the previous one. The only thing better than Fleming riding a mini-tank to engage a few guards is Chandler taking down a horde of drug cartel thugs in her b-day suit. Yes, I did say mini-tank. The things Fleming builds! Among her sisters, she does have the highest IQ. Also, Fleming manages to do what Chandler seems afraid to do: stop thinking of her training like a religion and actually be a human. Fleming does this by forming a relationship with a civilian (who helps her build something) and subsequently come to his rescue when he’s in danger. That’s something The Instructor warned her not to do.

Chandler doesn’t get the short end of the romantic stick, though. At one point, she and her sisters split up to go after the operatives set to trigger catastrophes. They are able to do this thanks to Fleming’s tech skills. Chandler goes to Mexico, crossing as an illegal. This is how she runs into the cartel thugs. They are not to be crossed, though Chandler is more than able to take them all on. She is much better trained and downright lethal. Chandler manages to get herself to Mexico City. There, she encounters Heathcliff, an operative just as highly trained as she is. The two have met before, and they have a strong attraction for each other. This time, Chandler and Heath are on opposing sides…or are they?

With such overwhelming odds against them, Chandler, Fleming, and Hammett must work quickly before an epic catastrophe begins. Just as with the previous books, THREE will not just leave you on the edge of your seat. What the authors have come up with is incredible. I didn’t find anything not to like, although there was one point where Fleming made a silly mistake (especially for a tech expert). She’s supposed to be a genius, but like Dumbledore said, even great minds commit blunders.

This book is intended for mature audiences only due to explicit sexual content, intense violence, and moderate language.


Absolute must-read. It’s amazing!!!



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*Not available as a Nook ebook.


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