It’s the start of another week! With over a month since I published Devoted to Her, I think the time is fit to reveal my favorite quotes. I did the same after publishing the prequel, Dream Date. It’s hard not to come up with catchy lines while you’re writing a book. Some of them remain good just as they are, surviving through several revisions. The quotes you’re about to read may have very mild spoilers, if any. Here they are:


Nathan Ferland (to Amanda Tilley): “Imagine if you could do that in real races. Throw turtle shells at the opponents.”
-Chapter 1

Grecia Nichols: “And what were you going to do? Kiss me upside down, like in the movie?”
Ashton Robards: “Did you want me to do that?”
Grecia Nichols: “I don’t know, Ashton. What would you have used for that, a spelunking harness?”
-Chapter 1

Ashton Robards: “Are you serious? It was freezing cold. There was no way I would wear tights in that weather.”
-Chapter 2

Amanda Tilley: “You’re a good guy, Nathan. I’d probably have beat up that guy myself if you hadn’t stepped in.”
Nathan Ferland: “That would have been worth seeing. I’ll try to act less like a caveman next time.”
-Chapter 4

Amanda Tilley: “I’m truly sorry, but I’m already seeing someone.”
Christopher Holt: “No worries, beautiful. Heck, even being your pizza delivery guy would be enough to brag about.”
-Chapter 4

Amanda Tilley: “I’d like you more if you didn’t put me on a pedestal. The last guy who tried to convince me I’m better than everyone didn’t end up well.”
-Chapter 5

Nathan Ferland: “Okay. Just get out. I’d hate to think of you holed up here by yourself all the time.”
Kayla Moran: “That would be the case if I didn’t have Grecia. She pulls me out by the ear if necessary.”
-Chapter 7

Christopher Holt: “I’d have a hard time staying mad at you. You’re just too charming.”
Amanda Tilley: “Says the guy who can coerce a smile out of a statue.”
-Chapter 9

Nathan Ferland: “They don’t serve food here, so we’ll have to go someplace else afterward.”
Christopher Holt: “That’s the point. You come here to have fun, not to spend the time working out your jaw muscles.”
-Chapter 10

Nathan Ferland: “Sweetheart, whoever thought I’d love you less with a scar and bruises had no idea what true love is.”
Amanda Tilley: “Do you still notice them?”
Nathan Ferland: “No. Even if I could, that doesn’t matter to me. Your outer beauty drew me to you, but your inner beauty kept me hooked in and never let go.”
-Chapter 10

Marissa Velasquez (referring to Caldwell): “Oh. He’s…tough. He has this daunting look that could make a mob boss soil himself.”
-Chapter 11

Amanda Tilley: “Do you have a date?”
Emmy Crenshaw: “…I was just going to buy myself some chocolates, since no one’s gifting me any.”
-Chapter 12

Kellan Hughes: “Some conundrum. Judith has trouble finding guys, and when she does, she plays hard to get.”
-Chapter 14

Kellan Hughes: “What shoe size do you wear, by the way?”
Amanda Tilley: “Seven point five.”
Kellan Hughes (smiling): “Gotta look in the kids’ section, then.”
-Chapter 15

Emmy Crenshaw: “I love you. I just couldn’t leave you without letting you know you’re mine. Not when you’re around all those gorgeous actresses.”
-Chapter 18

Amanda Tilley: “Let’s just go, all right? If you’re really stealing me from my bodyguards, you should know that they may be here any moment.”
Nathan Ferland: “You’re right. I’d rather not have Caldwell drag me out through my broken window.”
-Chapter 20

Jeffrey Ferland: “You look handsome, Nathan. I’m glad to see you so happy.”
Nathan Ferland: “I didn’t overdress, right, Dad?”
Jeffrey Ferland: “No. You would make a nice cake figurine, though.”
-Chapter 23


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