LostinYou-HM-CoversLOST IN YOU

Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Published on: May 5, 2013 (New Edition: January 2, 2014)
New Adult, contemporary romance

Published by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
 E-book, paperback, Audible

Ryan Stone is a less than average teenager. He doesn’t have fancy clothes. He doesn’t carry around the latest smartphone and he definitely doesn’t have an MP3 player. Instead, he goes to school, does his chores and dreams of a new life away from Brookfield where he’s expected to follow in his blue collar family’s footsteps.

Hadley Carter is America’s Pop Princess. A successful recording artist living her dream with a sold-out tour and a handful of Grammy’s there isn’t much that she wants for, except love. But finding love on the road is near impossible when all she longs for are romantic dinners, a nighttime stroll on the beach and holding hands with someone who isn’t going to exploit her.

When a chance encounter introduces Ryan to Hadley, will he be like her adoring fans looking for a way in, or will it be Hadley who pursues Ryan even though it might cost her the only career she’s known.

Lost in You is a story about following your dreams, taking risks and getting lost in love.


Is there a guy (teen to mid-twenties) out there without a celebrity crush? There’s something about movie stars and pop singers that we find appealing.  They’re not simply attractive, they’re…role model worthy. What if you had a chance to meet one of them in person? Personally, I’d die happy if I were to meet Lily Collins or Hailee Steinfeld in person. They’re incredibly gorgeous.

That’s sort of the premise of Lost in You. The main character, Ryan Stone, couldn’t be more average if his life depended on it. He’s pretty much unremarkable. Ryan doesn’t own a smartphone, or even an iPod. He lives in the small town of Brookfield, wishing for graduation to come so he can leave. As if that wasn’t enough, Ryan’s parents hardly care about him. Ryan is particularly wary about his father, who is the definition of the word ‘strict’. He expects Ryan to go work at the mill after graduation. Some big dreams!

In contrast, Hadley Carter is sort of a parallel to the likes of Victoria Justice. She’s a famous, successful musician currently on a tour. Hadley even has Grammys under her belt already. This girl has pretty much everything, but what she wishes for is to find love. Unfortunately, Hadley is not only too busy for a serious relationship. She is wary about it. Hadley went through a scandalous breakup years ago, one that still haunts her. She isn’t sure she can trust a guy with her heart again.

Ryan is probably the only person at his high school who doesn’t know who Hadley Carter is. Ryan doesn’t listen to music not only because he can’t afford an MP3 player, but because his parents don’t allow it. One day, Dylan Ross (Ryan’s best friend) wins tickets and a backstage pass to Hadley’s concert. She invites Ryan to come along with her. He is initially reluctant, but accepts to make Dylan happy. The two have a good time at the concert. After it ends, they go backstage. When Hadley lays eyes on Ryan, she feels an instant, powerful attraction. Ryan, though, is incredibly shy. He is content to sit in the corner while Dylan basks in the glory of meeting a superstar. Hadley decides to have a party at her hotel. Ryan doesn’t know anyone there, so he tries to leave. Hadley stops him, and they go to her balcony. There, Hadley reveals that she’s attracted to Ryan. Unfortunately, there’s a huge obstacle: Ryan is seventeen, and Hadley is twenty-two.

Hadley curses her luck. Despite this, she still pursues a relationship with Ryan. It’s only months until Ryan turns eighteen. Hadley thinks she’ll be able to keep things PG until then. Ryan, though, is elated that such a beautiful, unreachable girl is interested in him. Hadley knows that she just has to have him. She’s never felt so strongly about a guy before. Ryan, for his part, has never had a girlfriend or even been kissed. Needless to say, he never loses an opportunity to kiss Hadley. Ryan’s not pushy, though. He doesn’t take advantage of Hadley the way other guys might in that situation. Ryan and Hadley soon fall in love with each other. I didn’t hate this insta-love thing, because why can’t it be real?

Ryan’s ‘infatuation’ with Hadley drives a thorn into Dylan’s side. He doesn’t know why she appears to be bothered. Hadley does fear that Dylan might want more than just a friendship with Ryan. He doesn’t realize this, because Ryan sees Dylan as just a friend. They’ve been that way for years. Their relationship stabilizes after Ryan accepts to take Dylan to the homecoming dance. It’s not like he could take Hadley. Their relationship has to remain a secret, because Hadley might get arrested if people find out she’s dating a seventeen-year-old.

Things go south when Hadley’s manager, her uncle Ian, finds out about Ryan. Ian starts coming up with sneaky ways to get Hadley to wake up and get real. Alex is the only one who approves of Hadley dating Ryan, though she still has misgivings. When Ian chastises Hadley for a perceived wrong, he employs her ex-boyfriend Coleman to attempt to keep her reined in. Coleman and Hadley are supposed to go on another tour. She refuses to do this, and drives all the way to Brookfield to meet Ryan. He knows about Coleman and has refused to talk to Hadley because of it. For a moment, it looks like they might get their HEA. Ryan’s father has other ideas, though.

Lost in You is an emotional rollercoaster. Will Ryan and Hadley end up together, or is their age gap and social differences too much? I really identified with Ryan. Like me, he had the bad luck of being born in a shitty town. His situation is still much worse than mine, though. I admire Ryan for pulling through and not giving up on his dreams. I also like Hadley’s character. She’s not spoiled, as you’d expect given her job and social status. Hadley is hard not to like, and someone to admire. She loves meeting fans and giving back to them, rather than let fame and money get to her head. Hadley’s one of my favorite book heroines now, along with Camryn Bennett of The Edge of Never.

This novel is recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual content and nudity. Violence level is mild to none.


A stunning page turner!



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