Morning! Since it’s been over a month since Devoted to Her was released, I’m updating the short character bios. This post will replace another one I wrote after publishing Dream Date. You’ll no longer be able to see that old post.
I enjoyed coming up with these characters and weaving their stories. This is one of the major reasons I became a writer. I had all these characters in my head, and they needed to be out in the world for people to meet them. I liked seeing my own characters go through their story arcs and change. Some of my favorites were Amanda Tilley, Ashton Robards, and Kayla Moran. When I started writing the sequel to Dream Date, I had a thrill when the book introduced new characters. Here are their bios. As you’ll notice, only one character has had a name change. The reason why is explained in Devoted to Her. These bios have a few mild spoilers; nothing you should worry about.

Amanda Victoria Tilley (Role: Protagonist/love interest)
Amanda is a freshman at Cornell University. Due to her beauty, Amanda became a model at 16 after being motivated by friends. Amanda is very outgoing and charismatic. She smiles often, despite the hardships in her past that few people know about. Amanda is currently dating Nathan Ferland. They are both completely in love with each other. Amanda likes that Nathan loves her for who she is, rather than for her beauty. After a misunderstanding caused by her second talent agent, Amanda retired from modeling. She left her mark, but not as much as to be missed by the world. Amanda’s true passion is to become an architect.

Nathan Arthur Ferland (Role: Protagonist)
Nathan is a junior at Cornell University. He has dreams of becoming a corporate/business lawyer. Nathan used to date Kayla Denning, until his true love came back into his life. Now, Nathan has eyes for no other girl but Amanda Tilley. Their love is tested when a vengeful woman tries to tear them apart. Nathan is forced to fight for the love he and Amanda have. He is prepared to confront anything for her. It still irritates Nathan that Amanda gets so much attention from the opposite sex. Everyone wants his girl, and Nathan is unconsciously preparing for the possibility that he might lose her.

Kayla Lisbeth Denning (Role: Protagonist/Minor Antagonist)
Kayla is a self-published romance novelist whose fame is comparable to that of Amanda’s in the modeling world. She has published two novels, a YA romance and a New Adult romance. Kayla is currently working on a new romance series. She doesn’t have an overly common name, so Kayla is able to write using her real name. Kayla met Nathan when they traveled to Miami for spring break. They are no longer dating, but they still remain inseparable friends.

Ashton Robards (Role: Secondary protagonist)
Ashton is Nathan’s best friend and roommate. He is well known as a ladies’ man. Though he doesn’t have commitment issues, Ashton can’t resist wanting to date every beautiful woman he meets. His biggest dream, apart from having a family, is to work at an electric car factory. Although Ashton isn’t ready to admit it, he is in love with Grecia Nichols. At first, Ashton tries to resist his feelings, because he thinks he’s not good enough for her. After quite a bit of effort, Ashton manages to win Grecia’s heart. Ashton lovingly refers to her as his Mary Jane Watson (because he loves redheads and is a big Spider-Man fan).

Grecia Nichols (Role: Secondary love interest)
Grecia is Kayla’s best friend. She is very friendly and outgoing, and she also considers fitness a very important part of her routine. In contrast with Kayla’s bookish nature, Grecia is more of a party girl and likes to be out and about. When the two friends moved to Ithaca, Grecia soon met Ashton Robards. She falls in love with him, but is disappointed when she finds out about his promiscuity. Ashton eventually manages to conquer Grecia’s heart. She is relieved that Ashton screwed his head on straight and admitted his feelings for her. Ashton used to think that he wasn’t good enough for someone like Grecia.

Christopher Holt (Role: Supporting)
Christopher is a recent transfer student at Cornell University. He manages to end up at the same apartment building as Amanda. When the two meet, they instantly like each other. Christopher’s charm manages to draw Amanda to him, although she only sees him as a friend. Christopher doesn’t show obvious attraction to Amanda, but his intentions are still unclear. To prevent any mistake that might cause Nathan to misunderstand things, Amanda introduces Christopher to her friend Judith. She is known for being a “tough nut to crack,” but Christopher slowly gets through her defenses. His charms manage to work again. Christopher ends up falling in love with Judith, something he didn’t expect.

Marissa Velásquez (Role: Supporting)
Marissa is one of Nathan’s best friends. She used to attend Cornell University with him, but then transferred to Parsons School of Design to pursue her dream of a career in fashion. She is a little naïve, but bright and talented. Marissa also dreams about her knight in shining armor. She doesn’t know about Amanda, but when they meet, she feels a small attraction. Marissa has very good contacts in the fashion industry, which she passes to Amanda.

Erika (Role: Supporting)
Erika is a transfer student that Nathan met during the Christmas holidays. They quickly became good friends. Since Erika (she never revealed her last name) was new to town, Nathan helped her adjust. He tried to introduce Erika to his friends, but for some reason it never happened. Erika later reveals to Nathan that she’s fallen for him. This causes tension between them. She tries to convince Nathan that he can’t hope to keep someone like Amanda interested in him forever. Erika thinks Nathan is deluding himself, and claims that she is a more sensible choice.

Hilbert Melendez (Role: Main Antagonist)
Hilbert is a talent agent and a top executive at Daphne Ross Model Management. Among other models, he represents Amanda Tilley. Hilbert met Amanda when she visited Fifth Avenue when she was 16. There, Hilbert offered to represent her, and she accepted. Due to her beauty, Hilbert became obsessed with Amanda, and has decided to make her his. Unbeknownst to anyone, Hilbert has a dark secret that will have Amanda dismayed when she finds out. Once this secret is revealed, Hilbert is sent to jail. There, he is soon murdered by an inmate. This in part kicks off the chain of events in Devoted to Her.

Rebecca Jenkins (Role: Main Antagonist)
Rebecca is one of several women that Hilbert dated. As she was the one he liked the most, Rebecca considers herself Hilbert’s girlfriend. She can’t tolerate Hilbert’s obsession with Amanda. Erika sees herself as equally or even more beautiful. She tried to convince Hilbert that Amanda would end up hurting him, to no avail. After his death, Rebecca swears revenge on Amanda. She comes up with an elaborate plan to tear her away from Nathan and strip away everything Amanda cares about. Rebecca soon proves to be considerably dangerous, going as far as trying to kill.

Judith Vawer (Role: Supporting)
Judith is a student at Cornell University, and one of Amanda’s best friends. She doesn’t have much luck in romance. Judith tried to give herself a chance with Ashton, but he messed it up. Judith doesn’t mind being single, though. She considers herself too special to waste her time with men who don’t value her. When Judith meets Christopher, she thinks he’s just another player. Despite resisting, Judith can’t help falling for Christopher’s charms. The two fall for each other. However, Judith doesn’t know that Christopher is keeping a big secret from her. He fears that it will kill his chances with Judith and spoil her for all other men.

Emmy Crenshaw (Role: Supporting)
Emmy is one of Amanda’s friends. She is quite attractive and a bookworm. Emmy’s best talent is perhaps music. She aspires to become a composer. Her family’s financial status is relatively low, but despite that, Emmy managed to score plenty of scholarships thanks to her intelligence. This enabled her to attend Cornell University without worries. Emmy has a secret crush on Brad Dillingham. She declares her love for him, which appears to succeed. Brad isn’t sure he can make their relationship work, though. As an actor, he has to be away for months at a time…and kiss fellow actresses.

Brandon “Brad” Dillingham (Role: Minor)
Brad is Amanda’s childhood friend. Since elementary school, they have seen each other through their best and their worst. They are still inseparable, loving each other like siblings. However, they haven’t seen each other since Brad moved to a different high school in L.A. Brad decided to skip college and instead became an actor. Brad has landed his first starring role in a movie. It is a romance, which filmed on location in Europe and the state of Arkansas. Brad harbors feelings for Emmy, strong enough that he dropped everything and flew back to the U.S. after she was injured and sent to the hospital.

Kellan Hughes (Role: Supporting)
Kellan is one of Amanda’s pair of bodyguards. They were hired after she suffered a kidnapping attempt, believed to have been ordered by Hilbert. Fearing for her safety, and on the advice of her family, Amanda decided to hire protection. Kellan protects Amanda during most of the day. They have become very good friends. Kellan also moonlights as Amanda’s PA, and has a crush on her. This wanes after Amanda makes it clear that she’s totally in love with Nathan. Kellan is severely injured in an accident after saving Amanda’s life. Due to this, Kellan’s role as a bodyguard is taken over by Joe Caldwell, a trusted acquaintance.

Claire Greene (Role: Supporting)
Claire is one of Nathan’s friends. They met in high school and became good enough friends to follow each other into college. Claire is also very good friends with Ashton. She’s one of few good-looking women whom Ashton has never hit on, a testament to their friendship. Claire has a very girly attitude and loves fashion, dancing, and pets. She also loves to be gifted clothes that Marissa designs. Claire helps Nathan sort out his feelings for Amanda and Kayla.

Oswald Taylor (Role: Supporting)
Oswald is Claire’s boyfriend. The two met during the latter’s first year at Cornell, and they eventually became attracted to each other. Oswald met Nathan and Ashton through her, and they became good friends. Oswald is very mature and knowledgeable for his age. He often solves disputes between his friends. The thing that Claire likes most about him is what she calls his “old soul.” They love each other very deeply, but are not flamboyant about it.

Ryan Tilley (Role: Supporting)
Ryan is the younger brother of Amanda. During the events of Dream Date and Devoted to Her, he is still in high school. Ryan flies to Ithaca with his family after Amanda is sent to the hospital. Fortunately, Amanda’s injuries weren’t severe. Ryan and Amanda meet again when the two accompany Brad to a movie set in Arkansas. There, Ryan tells Amanda that he’s interested in attending Cornell. He mentions this so many times that Amanda wonders why Ryan is so interested in her school. She figures it may have to do with a girl.

William Tilley (Role: Minor)
William is Amanda and Ryan’s father, as well as the husband of Florence Tilley. He works as a doctor in their hometown of Joliet, Illinois. Due to his position, William is able to help Amanda and Emmy on the occasions that they are sent to the hospital.

Florence Tilley (Role: Minor)
Florence is Amanda and Ryan’s mother, and the wife of William Tilley. She accompanies the rest of her family to Rochester after Amanda and Emmy are sent to the hospital there. Amanda and Ryan get their French heritage from her. Florence is half-French, born in Marseille. She moved to the United States for college.

Harold Tilley (Role: Minor Antagonist)
Harold is Amanda’s grandfather, and the father of William Tilley. He doesn’t approve of Amanda’s relationship with Nathan. Harold thinks the latter only wants Amanda because of her money and beauty. He also thinks that Nathan isn’t enough for his “sweet, beloved granddaughter.” When Nathan’s love for Amanda is put into question, Harold is one of the first to be against Nathan.

Mildred Tilley (Role: Minor)
Mildred is Harold’s wife, William’s mother, and the grandmother of Amanda and Ryan. Unlike Harold, she doesn’t oppose Amanda’s relationship with Nathan. Mildred is said to be one of the most open-minded members of her family. She used to be a renowned psychologist in Joliet, Illinois. That is partly why Mildred can see that Nathan’s love for her granddaughter is the real deal.

Jonathan Clayton (Role: Minor)
Jonathan is an acclaimed fitness trainer from the city of Manhattan. He specializes in training celebrities and models. His favorite client, and great friend, is Amanda Tilley. Jonathan loves to travel the U.S., and has to due to his job. He meets Marissa through her connection with Amanda, and the two become attracted to each other.

Patrick Hayden (Role: Supporting)
Patrick is a private investigator from Manhattan. He first assists Amanda after she suspects that Hilbert may pose danger to her and Nathan. Amanda and Patrick don’t meet again until months later, when she hires his services again. This time, Amanda wants Patrick’s help in finding the woman who is after her.

Jeffrey Ferland (Role: Minor)
Jeffrey is Nathan’s father. He is a mechanic and lives alone in Joliet, Illinois. During the events of Devoted to Her, Jeffrey moves to another house, bringing his mechanic business with him. Jeffrey is slightly depressed after his wife Vanessa’s tragic death years ago. He is revealed to have a brother, who is more successful and lives elsewhere. Nathan muses that his father would have been just as successful in life if Vanessa had lived.

Liam Stone (Role: Mentioned –status unknown, presumed dead)
Liam is Amanda’s former boyfriend. They were very happy together. Amanda was very ecstatic whenever she was around him. However, things went awry after Amanda started her modeling career with Hilbert Melendez. Consumed by desire, he decided that Amanda had to be his. Liam died after having a car accident near a lake. Amanda was so devastated that she took a leap year after high school to travel the world and heal her emotional scars.



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