UPDATE (4/17/2016): This is now the only available version of my fictional character dossier template. Version 3.2 was discontinued due to compatibility issues with newer versions of Microsoft Word.

Since its release, my fictional character dossier template for Microsoft Word has become quite popular. I first created it so I could keep track of information about my characters. As I’ve explained before, I couldn’t find any dossier template online that met my expectations. So I made my own one, and used my technology skills and the power of the .docx format to enhance it. Today, I’m releasing a new—and unplanned—version of the dossier template, version 4.

I never intended to create a major new version after releasing version 3.2 last year. I found it necessary after realizing the one thing that version couldn’t do too well: adapting to characters that appear in multiple books. Information like their relationship status, age, and job can change significantly over the course of a book series. This gets even trickier when characters cross over into a series different from the one in which they debuted. I thought it would be time-consuming to create a new dossier for a character every time he/she appears in a new book.

Version 4 solves all of those problems. You’ll see that the new design borrows layout and style elements from wiki pages. To help make use of the most space, the page has been increased to legal size. Many of the features from version 3.2 are retained. The document is now two pages long, and the font was changed for readability and space usage. A few superfluous elements, such as the Epiphany section, were omitted. And just like its predecessor, version 4 can adapt to whatever color scheme you want to use. Just change the colors of the headers and the title bar on page 1.

You can download the new version at the link below. With it, you won’t have to make several dossiers for the same character. I still think it’s a good idea to create a new dossier if your character shows up in another book series, though. A second dossier could better reflect that character’s different role in the new series.

The previous version will remain available to anyone who still wants to use it.


Fictional Character Dossier – v3.2 (DISCONTINUED)



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