With January having already come to a close, the time is fit for me to reveal new info about the book I’ve been working on. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, it is the sequel to Dream Date. I started working on it since last September. In a way, it was a little easier to write this book. It probably is because the book is a sequel. This is the first time I write one. Most of the characters are the same, although I get to introduce new ones. That was one of the most exciting parts. I like writing (and reading) series books. You get to spend more time with the characters.

Without further ado, I’ll give you the final title for this sequel: Devoted to Her. I went through a few titles before settling on that one. It fits well and doesn’t give mild spoilers like the title I was using for the draft. I won’t mention it now, for obvious reasons. Devoted to Her continues the story of Amanda Tilley and Nathan Ferland. While I was writing Dream Date, I intended to write only one book for those two. However, I saw that their story didn’t end with the previous book. It was only getting started. In Devoted to Her, they will face new challenges, meet new people, and find their love tested once again. In addition, you’ll learn more about Amanda and Nathan. Here’s the synopsis for Devoted to Her:

* * *

It’s been several months since Nathan Ferland managed to win the heart of his true love, Amanda Tilley. He had to make a difficult choice to achieve it, but in the end it was well worth it. Now, Nathan feels on top of the world. After sending Hilbert Melendez–Amanda’s former talent agent turned sexual offender–to jail, Amanda and Nathan can be happy together. The two spend the New Year holidays getting to better know each other.
With Valentine’s Day approaching, Nathan prepares a special surprise for Amanda. He feels sure about his love for her. However, Nathan had no idea what being Amanda’s boyfriend truly entailed. The prospect is harder than he thought it would be. As a gorgeous and relatively well-known model, Amanda gets lots of attention from the opposite sex almost anywhere she goes. The most notable is Christopher Holt, a guy with dubious intentions who has recently befriended Amanda. All of that is slowly getting on Nathan’s nerves, even though he’s trying his best to deal with it. To make matters worse, Rebecca Jenkins is secretly plotting to exact revenge on Amanda for what she did to Hilbert. In the wake of seemingly random incidents, Amanda is forced to recall her bodyguards. Since Hilbert is in jail, no one can guess who is after Amanda now.
Once Rebecca’s machinations cause Amanda to begin doubting Nathan, things start to get worse. Soon, the least of Nathan’s worries will be to lose Amanda’s trust. If he can’t discover who’s behind it all, Nathan could lose the love of his life. He’s about to learn that winning Amanda’s heart was the easy part. Actually keeping it will be the real challenge.

* * *

What do you all think of the synopsis? This time around, there’s more trouble brewing. Nathan and Amanda will find that their HEA hasn’t yet arrived. You’ll also get to see more of them than you did in Dream Date. There’s no secondary couple in this sequel, like Ashton and Grecia were in the previous book. However, there are events in this book that set things in motion for a sequel (with a different couple). This is it. Amanda’s and Nathan’s story ends in Devoted to Her. Any future sequel will tell the story of another of the couples in the book.

The cover art will be revealed next week. In light of that, I see it fit to do a cover re-reveal for Dream Date today. Its cover art had to change, since it no longer matched up with the art for Devoted to Her. I wish I hadn’t rushed into creating a new cover with the main character (Amanda Tilley) front and center. It wasn’t as good as I hoped, since it didn’t draw many readers in. That cover also failed to get a good critique. I thought having Amanda Tilley on it would draw readers in, since she’s a highly beautiful girl. Wouldn’t people want to read a book about a beautiful girl? I guess I was wrong about part of it. Another reason I changed the cover art is because a friend saw the images I intended to use as promo art. It turns out that they make much better cover art than the images I originally intended to use for that purpose. The Devoted to Her cover art was going to be very similar to the one for Dream Date. I won’t make the same mistake twice, though. Here’s the new (final) cover art for Dream Date:

Dream Date - Book Cover 2015

Overall, I believe the design is significantly better. Amanda is still on the cover, but she’s also with Nathan. In addition, the cover isn’t as bland as the previous ones. There’s more…emotion here, and it also sort of tells a story. You can also tell the genre of the book more easily. I’m happy with the results.

The Devoted to Her cover art will be unveiled next week, so stay tuned!


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