Hello again! While you’re writing a book, you may find that a few of the sentences or dialogue you come up with stick with you. They might not change much, if at all, through dozens of revisions. You like them just the way they are. Some are witty, some are catchy, and some of them you just like. These are quotes from Dream Date that I found memorable. If you haven’t read the book, the sentences below won’t give you any spoilers.


Nathan Ferland: “Nice to meet you.”
Grecia Nichols: “It sure is a relief to finally meet the object of Kayla’s affections. She just wouldn’t stop ranting about you.”
-Chapter 1

Amanda Tilley: “If you want to expand your vocabulary, you could read more. Books feed the mind.”
-Chapter 2

Brad Dillingham: “Wow. You better give me tips about handling fans, then. I’m going to be the latest movie heartthrob, and I’m new to that kind of thing.”
-Chapter 3

Amanda Tilley (referring to Ashton Robards): “He looks like the kind of guy who doesn’t miss drinks and fun time on Friday nights.”
-Chapter 3

Claire Greene: “I’d love to be friends with her. Then I can die happy.”
-Chapter 5

Ashton Robards: “You know, I might have kidnapped Amanda myself, if I was as into her as you seem to be.”
-Chapter 5

Ryan Tilley: “Don’t worry, sister. I get along with women just fine.”
-Chapter 5

Kayla Delaney: “Let’s have you borrow a leaf out of my book. And I mean that for real. I’m not a romance author for nothing.”
-Chapter 7

Grecia Nichols: “I’m wondering about your name. Ashton. Isn’t it a girl’s name?”
Ashton Robards: “No, my lady. It’s a man’s name.”
-Chapter 9

Nathan Ferland: “Imagine what Ashton could do with twenty-four hours of access to a gorgeous woman.”
-Chapter 10

Nathan Ferland (in thought): “Amanda was brought back into my life for a reason. We were meant to be together, no matter how difficult the journey is.”
-Chapter 10

Amanda Tilley: “I’m just a normal girl from a small Illinois town.”
Hilbert Melendez: “You’re such a Rory Gilmore. Why is it that beautiful women don’t realize how attractive they are?”
Amanda Tilley: “I know I’m beautiful. I just don’t think I deserve to be treated like a queen just because of that.”
-Chapter 10

Claire Greene: “You and Kayla are soulmates. Yes, we can have more than one soulmate in this life, but only one true love.”
-Chapter 11

Nathan Ferland: “No matter how hard I looked, I was never able to find a woman that could replace you. You’re the one and only love of my life.”
-Chapter 12

Nathan Ferland: “You wait. Once you taste what I can cook, you won’t be able to make do with ramen ever again.”
-Chapter 13

Grecia Nichols: “You should go fetch your piggy bank and save your smartass jokes.”
-Chapter 14

Kayla Delaney: “Do you know why the divorce rate is so high? Because men fall in love with the woman with whom they cheat on their wife. You’re not cheating on Amanda here with me, but the same concept applies. I’ll make you desire me so much you’ll forget her.”
-Chapter 14

Rebecca Jenkins: “Is Amanda just a whim for you? Everyone knows how you are with women.”
Hilbert Melendez: “That’s wrong. I keep my private life private.”
-Chapter 14

Nathan Ferland: “Being in love with someone so unreachable is tough. But she’s damn worth the fight. I won’t give up on the girl of my dreams.”
-Chapter 15

Amanda Tilley: “Do you think I’ll look right next to (Judith) if I dress up as a witch?”
Edgar Grayson: “That depends on what kind of witch getup you’re thinking about. If you’re painting your face green, I think you can forget it.”
-Chapter 16

Nathan Ferland: “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me, because I love you. That’s what true love does: it magnifies the good traits of the beloved, especially beauty. Both inner and outer.”
-Chapter 17

Kayla Delaney: “I shouldn’t have tried to force you to be with me.”
Nathan Ferland: “I have nothing to forgive you for, Kayla. I’ll always love you. I couldn’t ask for a bestest friend.”
-Chapter 18

Nathan Ferland: “My love, I’d fight for you with any odds and still come out on top. I’d confront anything for you. You’re the woman I’ve longed to meet, the most beautiful one that I’ve ever seen. My dream date.”
-Chapter 20


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