Hi, I’m back! It’s hard to believe time has passed by so fast. It’s almost been two months since the release of Dream Date. In that time, I hope plenty of people have already read the book and enjoyed it. Writing is difficult, seriously, yet I love it. If you enjoyed Dream Date, I would be very grateful if you left a review online, either in or Goodreads.

In Dream Date, the main character, Amanda Tilley, does a Twitter chat to connect with her fans and answer their questions. For those of you who do not know, in the book Amanda is a relatively famous fashion model. She’s not a household name, but Amanda still has a large and very loyal fan base. I mainly took inspiration from Alexis Ren and Emma Watson for the character of Amanda. 
The special Twitter chat in the book took an hour. Many fans got their questions answered by Amanda herself. Some of them appear of the book. The complete interview is here:

FAN QUESTION 1: How do you feel about your job pressures (staying thin, dealing with paparazzi, etc.)?
@Amanda_Tilley: You see me in catalogs and [magazines] more than in the runway for this: I don’t let others pressure me into being stick-thin. It’s important for me to project a healthy image. Divided into two tweets.

FAN QUESTION 2: Were you nervous on your first-ever photoshoot?
@Amanda_Tilley: Yep. It’s hard not to be nervous your first time. My face was so red! But the photographers were great. I felt comfortable.

FAN QUESTION 3: Did you always want to be a model, or is there something else you’d like to be?
@Amanda_Tilley: I became a model after my friends suggested it. But I really want to be an architect. It’s my dream job.

FAN QUESTION 4: What diet(s) do you follow to look so good? I can’t eat a damn slice of cake without stretching my pants.
@Amanda_Tilley: I eat what I want, balanced of course. Junk food’s ok now and then. Exercise if you want to eat more & look great. 3 days a week is enough.

FAN QUESTION 5: How do you feel about photo shoots where nudity is expected of you?
@Amanda_Tilley: When it’s tasteful, I’m ok with nudity. Nothing to be ashamed of. But my limit is that my crotch area is private. No one needs to see that.

FAN QUESTION 6: What made you take a short break from modeling? Is it true you went to rehab?
@Amanda_Tilley: Let me stress this point: I’ve never been to rehab. I’m an emotionally stable young woman. My break was for purely personal reasons.

FAN QUESTION 7: Do you have any role models? People who inspire you?
@Amanda_Tilley: Jennifer Lawrence. She’s rad, and fun. And she isn’t pressured to have a stick waist. Her body’s perfect! No need for crazy diets. It’s sad to me when girls become anorexic just because they want to look like their favorite models. Divided into two tweets.

FAN QUESTION 8:  What are your favorite places to do photo shoots?
@Amanda_Tilley: I enjoy to shoot in the city. I’m fond of skyscrapers. But I also like parks, and beaches. My fans seem to like it when I post beach photos.

FAN QUESTION 9: If you could be any other person, who would it be?
@Amanda_Tilley: Interesting. Hmm…I love who I am. I wouldn’t change anything about myself. But, maybe I’d choose…Zooey Deschanel, if just for a day. She’s adorable, and funny, and gorgeous.

FAN QUESTION 10: Do you like to read? If so, what sort of books do you enjoy?
@Amanda_Tilley: I enjoy reading. My bookshelf isn’t large, but I read whenever I have free time. I have more than you’d think. Romance is what I prefer.

FAN QUESTION 11: Many fans would be thrilled to meet you in person. How do we go about that?
@Amanda_Tilley: I’m flattered to meet fans, too! You can check my Web site to see which cities I’m due to travel to. I also plan to attend Comic-Con ’14.

FAN QUESTION 12: I love some of the clothes you wear in your photo shoots. Where can I find them for sale?
@Amanda_Tilley: Sometimes I post captions or links under photos, mentioning where they are on sale. If not, you can enter a comment for the photo where I’m wearing something you like. I’ll try to get back to you timely. Divided into two tweets.

FAN QUESTION 13: My daughter suffered from bulimia some time ago. She always tried to look like her favorite models. I’m glad she’s your fan now. You’re a great role model for young women to look up to. Thank you. Divided into two tweets.
@Amanda_Tilley: Aw, thanks! I’m always glad to hear that. To know that I’ve positively changed someone’s life is the best reward I get from modeling.

FAN QUESTION 14: If you could live in a fictional world (from a movie, book, etc.), which would it be?
@Amanda_Tilley: Um…is Harry Potter too cliché? I’m not sure about this. I’m pretty happy with the world as it is.

FAN QUESTION 15: What is your biggest fear?
@Amanda_Tilley: Personally, I’m not too fond of snakes! As for the world, I would never want to see it end in hunger or war. I’m all for peace.

FAN QUESTION 16: What historical person would you most like to meet?
@Amanda_Tilley: Fictional? James Bond. Real? Audrey Hepburn, or Franklin Roosevelt.


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