Good morning! I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Kids are going back to school (or are about to). This is the second year in which I’m not returning with them. I graduated from college back in ’12. I think it went fast. These past months have flown by pretty quick, too. I spent most of the half of this year writing Dream Date. I’ve gone through lots of revisions, designed a book cover, and even radically changed the plot at one point to make it better. At first, I didn’t know what to do with the villain, but after the plot changes, the book is MUCH better. Great results take risk. 
It is my pleasure to announce that Dream Date is now available for purchase! It was published as an e-book on August 15, 2014. You can find it at Amazon, Amazon UK, Nook, Kobo, and AppleDream Date is a New Adult contemporary romance centered on Amanda Tilley. The plot focuses on character Nathan Ferland’s efforts to win her heart. Amanda is the girl that he’s loved since they were in high school. Unfortunately, fate separated them for years. Nathan has been looking for a woman who can finally uproot Amanda from his heart. When he meets romance author Kayla Delaney, Nathan believes he’s finally found Ms. Right. However, Amanda returns into his life when he least expects it. Now, he realizes that there was no way he could ever replace Amanda with any other woman. Unlike last time, though, it will be much harder to win Amanda’s heart. Due to her beauty, Amanda has become a relatively famous freelance model (much like Emily Ratajkowski or Alexis Ren). As Nathan is an ordinary guy, he believes he doesn’t stand a chance to date someone as unreachable as Amanda.

Things become harder when Amanda tries to push Nathan away for his own safety. She’s had to hire bodyguards in order to protect herself against a ruthless man who is obsessed with her. Amanda isn’t sure how dangerous that man is, so she tries to play things safe. The last thing she wants is to give Nathan a chance, only to potentially put him in danger. However, she can’t deny that there’s something about him that draws her. Nathan is the first guy apart from Amanda’s late boyfriend who makes her feel like he is interested in her for more than just her beauty.

Dream Date will be the first in a series. Right now, I’m working on the sequel. I have no info to give on it yet. You can follow me on Twitter to stay updated. Have a good week!


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