Morning! The wait is almost over. There’s only a few weeks left before I publish Dream Date. Last week, I posted Chapter One here and on Wattpad. I hope you all enjoyed it! Today, I’m revealing the cover art for Dream Date. It definitely turned out much better than the cover for Base Duplicity. I like it a lot. This cover will be used for all e-book versions of Dream Date.  Here it is:


TITLE: Dream Date (Dream Date, #1)

AUTHOR: Ivan Kendrick

PUBLISHER: Self-published

RELEASE DATE: August 15, 2014

GENRE: New Adult, Contemporary Romance




22-year-old college student Nathan Ferland has been waiting for a woman so enchanting she’ll make him forget the one who stole his heart. Nathan believes he’s finally found that woman in Kayla Delaney, a romance author. Their attraction was so strong that Kayla decided to enroll at his school. Now the two have become inseparable…but only one thing can end their relationship.

What Nathan least expects is to be reunited with the gorgeous 19-year-old Amanda Tilley. Upon seeing her again, Nathan realizes that there was no way he could desire another woman after all. Unfortunately, Amanda is still as unreachable as ever. Nathan’s never met a woman he desired more, making him torn between his loyalty to Kayla and the true love he can no longer ignore.

At such a young age, Amanda seems to have the world at her feet. While her beauty is impossible to ignore, she charms people further when they get to know the girl behind the face. With many goals in life, Amanda hasn’t had much time for dating…especially when she’s hired bodyguards to protect her from a ruthless man bent on keeping her for himself.

This time, Nathan will need more than luck to win Amanda’s heart and show that he loves her for more than just her beauty. He’s more than ready for the challenge, despite the overwhelming odds against him.


Dream Date will be the first in a New Adult romance series. Despite that, the book can be read standalone without having to wait for the next installment. There’s no cliffhanger. All important plot threads are resolved by the end.

And now, I’ll give you all another sneak peek. Enjoy:

Amanda stopped by a vending machine on her way from her second class. She only had one more class to go before lunch. Amanda couldn’t wait to just call it a day and go back to her apartment. What she saw in the morning hadn’t let her mind rest so far.
Why do I even care that Nathan has a girlfriend? I don’t even know him much!
Amanda pressed a couple of buttons, and seconds later the machine dispensed an oatmeal crème pie. She grabbed it and then bought a dark chocolate Milky Way.
Just as she turned to walk away, Amanda almost ran into someone. She halted herself just in time, falling into the arms of a tall, muscular guy. When she looked up at his face, Amanda blanched.
“Be careful,” Nathan said, still holding Amanda’s forearms. He then bent down to pick up something. “Here, this is yours.”
Amanda looked at his hand and realized she had dropped her Milky Way when she’d stumbled into Nathan. She grabbed it, preparing herself for the jolt of electricity that would run to her when she touched his skin.
It’s still there, Amanda thought when she felt it. Judging by Nathan’s expression, he felt it too.
“I have to go,” Amanda said, avoiding Nathan’s gaze. She put her snacks in her purse.
“Don’t you have a few minutes? I would like to talk to you.”
“About what? There’s nothing to talk about.”
“Yes, there is. I wanted you to know that I’m not sending you mixed signals, even if it looks like it.”
Amanda’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Who said anything about mixed signals? You so don’t get it.”
“Then enlighten me.”
“I believe I’m the one who needs to be enlightened. What do you want from me?”
Nathan sighed, thinking his words through. Amanda waited for him with crossed arms. He tried hard not to get distracted by the unintentional display of cleavage.
“Look, I know I avoided telling you I have a girlfriend. I was, um, hoping that—”
“Hoping what? That I would fall for your charms? That you would conveniently forget you’ve got a girlfriend?”
“No! I’m not that kind of guy.”
“Then why do you look at me like I’m the last woman on Earth? It’s your girlfriend whom you should look at that way, not me.”
“You know you can’t blame me. You’ve seen yourself on a mirror.”
You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I’m having a hard time restraining myself from kissing you right now.
Amanda couldn’t keep from rolling her eyes. She uncrossed her arms.
“I’m not dumb, Nathan, of course I know what I look like. That’s no excuse to cheat on your girlfriend.”
“I wasn’t planning on that.”
“You know, it’s best if we didn’t continue seeing each other. You’re better off without me.”
Nathan froze, wondering if he’d heard right.
“I have to go to class now, Nathan. Thanks for keeping me company. You should refrain from doing it again.”
With that, Amanda walked around Nathan and out of sight. Hughes appeared out of nowhere and followed after her. He shot Nathan a sorry look before disappearing.
What in the world was that? Nathan thought, puzzled. He felt as though he’d just bungee-jumped and plowed straight into the water.
Did she just ask me outright to stay away?
Nathan walked away without heading anywhere in particular, losing track of time. Everything had turned into a complete mess. And he didn’t know what to make of it.
Simple, dude. Amanda isn’t interested in you.
Nathan walked to his next class in a daze.
Although he wanted to pretend getting rejected by Amanda didn’t hurt (in spite of his already having a girlfriend), it did feel as though someone had punched him in the gut. Nathan was terrified to realize he’d held too much hope.
I’ll be damned. I should have been more realistic.
As he entered the building where his next class was, Nathan vowed to pull Amanda from his heart once and for all. He had to learn not to like those alluring blue eyes so much. Or that friggin-kissable mouth. Or those waves of shiny golden hair.


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