Good afternoon, people! The Dream Date cover reveal is just about the corner. Plus, there’s only five weeks before the release date. I can’t wait to share my newest work with you all. So today, I’m going to give you all a sneak peek. This is the first chapter of the book. I hope you enjoy it!

Is it truly possible to love one woman so much that you never desire any other one again? Nathan asked himself the question in his mind as he performed lateral flys at the gym. He was there with Ashton, his friend and roommate who was—as usual—checking out the women. Nathan was looking to see which he found attractive, but Ashton’s expression meant business.
The guy was what most women called a “manwhore.” Ashton went through dates so fast that he’d likely already dated as many women as there had been in half their high school yearbook. Nathan thought of himself as a bit of a ladies’ man as well, although he wasn’t that promiscuous.
Nathan also pondered over the question because, although he was currently dating a very beautiful woman, thoughts of his lost love from years ago still plagued him. He had all but lost faith that he would forget about her.
The thing Nathan wanted the most in life was to meet a woman so beautiful that she’d make him forget the one who stole his heart. He wasn’t looking for the most beautiful woman in the world; just the woman he thought was the most beautiful. The difference was that love’s involved in the latter. Nathan thought he had already found the right woman, but he still had doubts.
Will Kayla be able to do what no woman has been able to do? Nathan thought to himself as he continued to work out while admiring some of the women. A glance to his side told him that Ashton was doing the same. Unlike him, though, Nathan wasn’t looking for his next lay. He pictured Kayla’s face in his mind and smiled. He felt almost sure that he had made the right decision.
“That brunette over there’s hot,” Ashton whispered to Nathan, who glanced in the direction his friend was looking at. There was a young woman working out near the edge of the gym. The wall next to her was as clear as glass, letting some sunlight strike her. “And she has red in her hair,” Ashton continued. “I dig redheads.”
Nathan was already aware of that. Ashton had once let it slip that he dreamed of meeting Mary Jane Watson in the flesh. She was the reason Spider-Man comics were Ashton’s favorite when he was younger. He wasn’t thrilled that MJ didn’t make it into the latest Spidey film.
“Wanna bet how fast I can get her number?”
“That’s unfair. We both know I’ll end up losing X number of dollars to you,” Nathan replied with a scoff.
Ashton laughed and then put his dumbbells back where they belonged. He then walked towards the bench-press area and grabbed a barbell.
Here he goes, Nathan thought, watching Ashton go into full show-off mode for the brunette. He chuckled, and set down his dumbbells. After putting them away, he walked towards the chest-press machine.
Sure enough, in less than five minutes, Ashton got the brunette stealing glances in his direction.
“How do you do it?” Nathan asked. “Are you the Girl Whisperer or something?”
Ashton guffawed.
“You don’t flirt much, do you?”
“I never needed to turn the charm on high with the women I’ve dated. They all just happened.”
Ashton thought for a moment, and then he set down his barbell.
“I still don’t know how you got to date that babe. She’s lovely, and has that girl next door look.”
“I know. Kayla’s gorgeous.”
“You know what? We should hang out this weekend. Why don’t you ask her to come with us?”
“Ashton, we’ve got someplace to be.”
“Oh, yeah!” said Ashton. Their best friend, Marissa, had asked her friends to go with her to the New York Fashion Week. She used to attend Cornell University with them, but had moved to Parsons to pursue her dream: a career in fashion design. Among their friends, only the two of them accepted to go. As a fellow student, Kayla not only had homework to do, she was also a writer. And she was very passionate about her work.
“I’ve always wanted to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show live,” Ashton reckoned.
“Er, as far as I know, this won’t be an underwear fashion show,” Nathan said.
“We’ll still get to see beautiful women. What do you think our chances are of scoring one?”
“Don’t even go there. You’ve got more chances of becoming President.”
“Buzz kill,” Ashton said, striding off towards the brunette. “Never be afraid to dream big.”

After taking a quick shower, Nathan stepped out of his dorm. He had twenty minutes to go before his first class started. Nathan headed down the stairs to the first floor of the building.
As he walked away from the dorms, Nathan heard a voice behind him. He turned to see who it was.
“Nathan!” Kayla Delaney called to him. She was walking from the direction of the parking lot.
“Hi, Kayla!” Nathan greeted, walking towards his girlfriend. The two embraced each other, and then he kissed her in the lips. Nathan never missed a chance to do so. Kayla drove him crazy.
“Let’s go get some breakfast,” Kayla said when they pulled apart. Nathan caressed the side of her face. She was so beautiful.
“All right. What place do you have in mind?”
“The Shortstop Deli,” Kayla replied, walking hand in hand with Nathan. “I thought variety was in order. And Claire told me they’ve got the best sandwiches.”
As the two walked, Nathan remembered how he and Kayla had met. They’d been dating for almost six months now. It was Nathan’s longest relationship so far. He had first laid eyes on her when he had traveled to Miami for spring break with his friends.


The first day of spring break, Nathan and his friends spent most of the morning at the beach. They enjoyed the warmth and the water so much. Although they didn’t mind winter, they had longed for spring. After having fun in the waves, Nathan walked back to the hotel. He took a quick shower before coming back down to have lunch at a nearby restaurant.
While he was eating with Ashton and their three other friends, Nathan noticed a woman sitting at a table alone. He lost track of the conversation, enthralled by the woman and her beauty. She seemed to be around the same age as Nathan. She was busy working with a stack of printed pages. Nathan hadn’t known it then, but she had been working on the last revisions to her new novel before it was fit for publication.
Upon seeing that thick stack of pages, Nathan jumped to a couple of conclusions. Either the woman was working on a science project, or a college thesis. She did look the part of a smart, geeky-in-a-good-way kind of student.
The woman first noticed Nathan when she looked up as he walked past her table, pretending that he needed to get some napkins. She smiled at him, appearing confident. Nathan smiled back.
The next time they’d seen each other was at the beach, a couple of days later. Nathan was relaxing at the shore while Ashton and their friend Claire rode the waves on surfboards. It was three past noon. Without a thought, Nathan looked to the side and spotted the same woman with the stack of pages. Only, she had a Kindle e-reader this time.
It was all Nathan could do to not let his jaw drop. The woman was only wearing a canary yellow bikini. While it wasn’t tiny enough to be outrageous, it still made her look smoldering. She had combed her hair in a bun at the back, and was wearing sunglasses that rested above her forehead. She seemed too occupied with her Kindle.
Nathan walked up to the woman, deciding to break the ice with her. He’d almost declined to speak to her while she was so scantily clad. Nathan hadn’t felt he had enough luck to run into the woman again later.
The woman looked up at Nathan, shielding her face from the sun. He smiled at her.
“Isn’t that device, um, sensitive to sand?”
A look of recognition crossed the woman’s face.
“You’re the guy from the restaurant, right?” she asked, her expression thoughtful.
“Yeah, that’s me. I saw you just right now, and I, I wanted to say hi.”
“Hi,” the woman said, and he let out a soft laugh. “Are you a student?”
“Yes, but I’m not from around here.”
“Really? Where are you from?”
“Would you believe me if I said I am from Ithaca? Up there in the state of New York?”
The woman’s mouth opened wide in surprise.
“No kidding? You must have gotten tired of the cold.”
“It’s not that. I just looked forward to the beach, and the sun.”
The woman nodded. Right then, Nathan noticed her eyes. They were a beautiful steel-gray shade.
“Oops, we skipped introductions, didn’t we?”
“We did,” the woman admitted, laughing.
“I’m Nathan,” he said, offering a hand to her. “Nathan Ferland.”
“Hello, Nathan Ferland of Ithaca,” the woman said, shaking his hand. Nathan tried not to let his gaze drop to her chest. He went red. “My name’s Kayla Delaney.”
“Kayla,” Nathan repeated, liking the name. “Nice to meet you, Kayla Delaney of…?”
“You’re thinking Miami. No, this isn’t my hometown. I’m from Tulsa, in Oklahoma.”
Nathan raised his eyebrows.
That was the start of a great love story. From that day onward, Kayla spent the rest of the spring break with Nathan and his friends. The whole thing had seemed like a summer romance. Only, it had been in the spring, and shorter. Nathan and Kayla grew close enough to each other during those short days that they agreed to stay in touch with each other. He’d even beta-read the novel that Kayla self-published in April.
Nathan communicated with Kayla via Skype and e-mail for the next two months. Even then, the attraction they felt for each other was clear. They’d finally met again in person the following summer. To Nathan’s surprise (and elation) Kayla had announced that she was moving to Ithaca to be closer to him.
“You may want to buy yourself new, thicker coats,” Nathan told Kayla over the phone. “You’re from the south, so I think it’ll take you time to get used to the cold.”
“That won’t be a problem,” Kayla replied. “I may be small, but I’m not prone to getting chilled.”
Nathan wanted to say “You won’t be chilled here, you’ll freeze,” but decided to stay quiet. He didn’t want to sound rude.
The next time Nathan met Kayla was at the airport. She was wearing a pink turtleneck over a couple of blouses (she’d told him so), tight-fitting blue jeans, black winter boots, and a black jacket. She’d also worn black leather gloves and a pink knit winter hat that, in Nathan’s opinion, made her look cute.
“Welcome to the state of New York, Kayla,” Nathan greeted, standing in front of her. She let go of the suitcases that she’d been pushing and embraced him.
“Nathan, I missed you so much,” she said to him. “It’s been two really long months.”
“Tell me about it,” Nathan replied. “Even though we pushed spring break a bit.”
“You did. Of course, I didn’t stop you,” she laughed, breaking apart from the hug.
“A couple of days of absence don’t hurt me. Some of my courses were online.”
Kayla smiled, and then she looked behind her.
“Oops, I haven’t introduced my friend,” she said. Nathan looked towards a redhead standing behind Kayla. The girl walked forward, pushing her own suitcase. “She’s Grecia Nichols.”
“Nice to meet you,” Nathan said.
“It sure is a relief to finally meet the object of Kayla’s affections,” Grecia remarked, shaking his hand. “She just wouldn’t stop ranting about you.”
Kayla went red.
“Until I saw you right now, I had no idea you missed each other so much. It was love at first sight, no doubt.”
“You’re right. I was drawn to Kayla from the first time I saw her,” Nathan agreed, holding Kayla’s hand and squeezing it softly. Grecia didn’t waste the chance to pull out her phone and snap a candid of them both.
“Hey!” Kayla said, laughing. “Where did you learn to move that fast?”
“I didn’t move that fast. Time just slows when you two look at each other like that. It’s so cute.”
“She has a point,” Nathan said.
“Okay, we’ve done enough talking, don’t you think? I’ve been waiting for this,” Kayla said, kissing him on the lips right then and there. The sudden kiss took Grecia and Nathan by surprise. He’d looked forward to it for long. The only other time they’d kissed was on the last day they’d seen each other. It was a short kiss, but meaningful. From then on, Nathan often thought about Kayla’s lips. They were beautiful, and pink, and so kissable.
Now, Nathan and Kayla held nothing back. They kissed with fervor, not caring that a hundred people could see them. They’d waited long for that moment.


Kayla pulled Nathan back from his reverie.
“What are you ordering?” she asked him. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that they were standing near the entrance to the restaurant, inside.
“You choose. Tell me what you want, and I’ll go order it while you find us a table. All right?”
Kayla nodded, and told him what she wanted. He then went to stand in line.
After their food arrived, Nathan and Kayla started to eat. They were in a little hurry to get to class, so they didn’t order anything too large.
“What were you thinking about when we were on our way here?” Kayla asked.
“I was remembering the day that we met,” Nathan replied. “And how irresistible you looked in that yellow bikini. I’ll never forget that.”
Kayla giggled, going red.
“You’re bold.”
“Why, thank you,” Nathan told her, joining in her laughter. “No, I’m serious. I wish I could hook up my brain to a computer and print that particular photo of you.”
“To do what with it, if I may know?”
“I don’t know. Perhaps it’d look great on my wall.”
Kayla shook her head in amusement.
“Do you still have it?”
“The bikini? Yes, but I’m not lending it, if that’s what you were hoping.”
Nathan snorted, narrowing his eyes in mock disdain. Kayla laughed heartily.
As they sat, Nathan thought about how much he liked Kayla. A year ago, he didn’t think he could find a woman to whom he could be so attracted to. Nathan hoped Kayla would be able to earn a definitive place in his heart.
“How’s your new novel coming along?” Nathan asked. She was currently revising her latest work, which she started writing after they met.
“Speaking humbly, it’s turning out awesome. Thank you. I’m almost finished with the last revisions. I’ve even kind of settled on a release date already.”
“You have?”
“Yes. I’m aiming for quarter one of next year.”
“That long?”
“It’s not that long. I have to get it ready to publish in e-book form, produce a book trailer, and have a front cover done.”
“A trailer? You mean, like the ones for movies?”
“Uh-huh. It’s exactly the same concept, although book trailers usually aren’t that…impressive.”
“Is it expensive?”
“Frankly, I’m not sure. I’ve never done a trailer. I’m doing it this time because it will promote the first novel in a series that I’m publishing.”
“And you’re hiring actors?”
“I’m going to have someone help me. The trailer will be short, just around a minute.”
Kayla looked up at Nathan’s expression.
“Not Hollywood actors. I’m having a casting call to find suitable candidates among everyday people.”
“In New York. That’s where the guy who’s offered to direct the book trailer lives at.”
“Do I know him?”
“Marissa does. She recommended him.”
Nathan pretended to relax a little. He leaned back in his chair.
“In that case, I have no worries.”
Kayla smiled at him. They proceeded to finish their breakfast.

The following Saturday, Nathan and Ashton took the former’s car to Manhattan. They’d woken up and had breakfast early to have plenty of time. The fashion show would be in the afternoon, but it took at least two hours to get to the city. They would also need some rest.
Ashton took command of the radio during their trip to pass the time. When he couldn’t find a station he liked—or when there was no reception—he played music from his iPod Nano.
Nathan stopped for some fuel once they got to the city. Ashton bought some snacks at the corner store, and then they took off towards Marissa’s apartment.
Marissa lived at East Village Apartments on 212 East 12th Street. Her apartment was near the top of the building, affording Marissa a good view of the city.
Nathan pulled into a parking lot near the building. He then killed the engine.
“We’re here,” Ashton said as he and Nathan got out of the car.
“Let’s go,” the latter told him, leading the way. They’d visited a few times before. Marissa always waited for them at the Apiary, a New American restaurant a block away from where she lived.
Marissa waved towards Nathan and Ashton when they approached her table. She stood up.
“Hi, Nathan!” Marissa said, and the two embraced each other. Then Marissa turned towards Ashton, shaking his hand. “Hi.”
“Good to see you,” Ashton replied with politeness. Nathan didn’t even raise an eyebrow at their formality. That was the normal way the two interacted.
“I suppose both of you are hungry, so I felt free to order for you,” Marissa told them. She motioned towards the three plates of food and three drinks on the table.
“Thank you,” her friends said. They sat down with Marissa, and they began to eat.
“So, when is this show going to be?” Ashton asked.
“It starts at half past five,” Marissa answered, looking down at her half-eaten piece of chicken. She looked up at the two of them and smiled. “I’m getting so nervous. I’ve never attended a show like this before.”
“Are you showcasing any of your dresses?” Nathan asked her.
“No, but I wish. I’m just glad that I’m going. It’s such a great learning opportunity, even though it’ll likely be a long time before I organize my own show.”
“Remind us who’s organizing this one,” asked Ashton. He’d missed most of the details when Marissa had been on the phone with Nathan.
“Clark Rhodes. And he’s not organizing it, he’s just showcasing his apparel,” Marissa told him, her voice taking on an air of reverence. “He’s the most acclaimed fashion designer in New York.”
Marissa had already told Nathan that Clark Rhodes had been to Parsons for a talk with the students there. When Clark saw Marissa’s talent, it impressed him enough to give her free tickets to New York Fashion Week.
“You’ll see. In a little over a year, it won’t be long before we start seeing Marissa Velásquez apparel in stores,” Nathan commented. The three of them were in their third year of college.
“Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re not the one coming up with the clothes,” Marissa said, laughing.
“You made Claire a dress,” Ashton said.
“Well, she’s fascinated with fashion. I knew she would love it.”
After the three finished eating, Marissa led them back to her apartment. Once inside, she set her purse on a table near the entrance.
“You can nap in the sofa if you want. Or the bed. I won’t need it during the day.”
“We’re not sleeping in the same bed,” Ashton told them as he looked at Nathan, who laughed.
“Dumbass,” Marissa muttered under her breath. She walked towards her kitchen.
“I’m fine sleeping on the bed. You can take the sofa,” Nathan said, starting to walk to Marissa’s bedroom. There was a history between her and Ashton. If he slept in Marissa’s bed, it would obviously be awkward.

At a quarter past four, Marissa emerged from her bedroom (where she’d changed into the clothes she would wear to the show). When she walked around the corner of the hallway, Ashton didn’t try to hide his gasp.
“Women like this one are why some men suffer,” he whispered so low that only Nathan could hear. The latter thought Marissa had average looks. Yet, when she dressed up, she could make guys’ jaws drop. Marissa wasn’t Ashton’s usual type, so Nathan didn’t know what he had seen in her. Regardless, Marissa had made it clear that Ashton was no more than a friend. Contrary to his comment, he didn’t take it hard.
“What do you think? Is this appropriate?” Marissa asked, looking down at her clothes. She was wearing a black skirt that reached to above her knees, a fuchsia sleeveless blouse with a V-cut, and black high-heels. Marissa had combed her chocolate brown hair into a chignon at the back of her head. Some strands fell down, framing her face. Marissa was also wearing red lipstick and a hint of rosy cheeks. Under her arm, she carried a small silver purse.
“You nailed it,” Nathan told Marissa, giving her the thumbs-up.
“I didn’t want to look too…distracting, you know.”
“Don’t worry. You look just right.”
Marissa beamed at him. Ashton was impassive, trying not to look too dazzled.
A few minutes later, the three of them took the elevator down. Marissa then led them towards her silver 2011 Mercedes.
“Glad you have this car. You shouldn’t even think of showing up in your old one to a place like where we’re going,” Ashton said. Marissa gave him a stern look.
“I still have the one you mean,” Marissa said, referring to the BMW she’d had since her junior year of high school. That one was around two decades older than that. The Mercedes was a graduation gift from her parents. “Please show it some respect. It still runs like a charm.”
Nathan laughed at Ashton, and then took shotgun. The latter sat in the back. Marissa revved the engine and drove towards their destination.

The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts was pretty far from Marissa’s place. It took them around 10 minutes to get there driving. The center consisted of several buildings. The fashion show was to take place at Damrosch Park, an outdoor location.
Finding parking was easy. Marissa already had her own reserved space.
“I could get used to having my own space,” Ashton said once he got out of the car. No one commented.
“Let’s go,” said Marissa, leading her two friends. They’d both opted for two-piece suits. Nathan’s was black with a blue tie and Ashton’s was dark gray with a green tie.
“Hard as it is to believe,” she said with a soft laugh, “I’ve never been to the Lincoln Center.”
“It’s not that surprising. You’ve only been living here for a couple of years,” Nathan said.
“Still. I’ve been to Central Park many times, though. And to the Empire State Building and Liberty Island.”
Marissa, Nathan, and Ashton reached the entrance to the show area. There was a line of people waiting to enter. Employees at the entrances asked the people for their tickets, and then let them pass through. Scanning them, Nathan saw that most of the people looked high-society.
“Here are your tickets,” Marissa said to Ashton and Nathan. “Follow me.”
A few minutes later, the three of them entered the area where the show was to take place.
“Wow,” Ashton said, taking in his surroundings. A stage was at the far end. Facing it were what appeared to be three dozen rows of seats. From the stage, a walkway cut through the middle of the space, half way to the other end. In front of the end of the walkway, photographers were getting ready to take shots. A row of red roses adorned the opposite end of the space from the stage.
Nathan checked the time on his phone. It was ten to five. The park was already packed with people.
“There are lots of VIPs here,” Marissa said, trying to contain her excitement. “Business magnates, press execs, fashion professionals. Oh, look! There’s Clark Rhodes,” she added, motioning towards the man. Nathan and Ashton followed her.
Clark had his back turned to them. He was talking to a couple of people in attendance. Their age and impeccable suits signaled that they were big shots.
“…that I enjoyed working on. I’m sure you’ll find the results pleasing,” Clark said, and then turned. He spotted Marissa and turned back to the men. “If you excuse me, gentlemen. It was a pleasure talking to you,” he said, and the men nodded once before walking away.
“How are you, Mr. Rhodes?” Marissa greeted when he faced her.
“Fantastic, Ms. Velásquez. You look stunning, if I may say so,” he replied. Clark Rhodes appeared to be in his early forties. He had short salt-and-pepper hair, blue eyes, and white skin. He was wearing an elegant dark tuxedo and glossy loafers. His voice channeled that of George Clooney, which Marissa found attractive. Clark was also a little taller than the three of them.
“Thank you,” Marissa replied, and then remembered she and Clark weren’t alone. “Mr. Rhodes, these are my best friends. This is Nathan Ferland.”
“Honor to meet you, sir,” he said as he shook hands with Clark.
“And this is Ashton Robards,” Marissa continued.
“Pleasure to meet you,” Clark said, smiling. “Tell me, what are you studying?”
“I’m aspiring to become a corporate lawyer,” Nathan said. Clark nodded, looking impressed.
“Fantastic. Business is important for our nation,” he remarked, shaking his index finger twice.
“And I’m majoring in mechanical engineering,” Ashton answered. “I find electric cars fascinating, so I’d like to work at a factory that builds them.”
“You three will definitely have great futures,” Clark told them. He then looked at Marissa. “Are you ready for the show, Ms. Velásquez?”
“You’d think I’m showcasing my designs, nervous as I am,” Marissa joked. “I’ve never attended a fashion show of this caliber.”
“This one is definitely among the most prestigious in the world. It’ll be a great learning experience for you.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”
“Imagine my anticipation. I’ve been preparing for this for months.”
Marissa let out a soft laugh.
“Okay, I’ll have to leave you now. I have matters to attend to. Do make yourselves at home. There are more people here that you’d be interested in meeting,” Clark said to Marissa. He then waved at the three of them and walked away.
“Let’s meet people,” Marissa said, leading her friends. She introduced them to more people that she knew. There were also others that Marissa didn’t know but had been looking forward to meeting. Apparently, Clark Rhodes had talked about her to plenty of people.
Moments later, a young woman called to Marissa.
“Hi,” the woman said, stopping in front of them.
“Rachel! You made it.”
“Yes. Thank you, thank you for the ticket! This is such a big event. I’m flattered to be here.”
“Guys, this is Rachel Edwards, a friend of mine. She’s a photographer,” Marissa said. “These are Nathan and Ashton from Ithaca.”
“Nice to meet you,” Rachel greeted, shaking hands with both of them.
“What kind of photographer are you?” Nathan asked.
“I shoot both people and places, but I specialize in the former. Particularly the famous. I want to be a fashion and celeb photographer.”
“Paparazzi?” asked Ashton. Marissa rolled her eyes.
“No!” Rachel said. “I don’t want to be one of those vultures. I’ll work for a magazine, not some lowly tabloid.”
Marissa shot Ashton a stern look.
“Do you know which models will be in attendance?” Rachel asked her.
“I’m not sure about the full roster, but Clark Rhodes told me that a few well-known names would be here. Among others, Doutzen Kroes and Nina Agdal will be taking to the walkway.”
“You’re serious? I can’t believe I’ll see them in person,” said Ashton, who looked like a kid in candyland. Both Marissa and Nathan laughed at him.
“Let’s go find our seats, then,” said Marissa.
“Yeah,” Rachel agreed. “See you around.”
Marissa and her friends took their places on the seats after talking to a few more people. They noticed that the chairs weren’t facing the stage, but towards the walkway.
“We’ve got a prime view,” Marissa told them, looking excited. Their seats were in front of the right side of the walkway. “Get ready, guys. The show begins soon.”
Five minutes later, a man (whom Nathan took to be sort of the master of ceremonies) walked onstage. There was a microphone set on a stand there. After his speech, he bowed and the audience clapped in unison. Music started, and then the first model started down the walkway.
Marissa didn’t know every model, but she whispered the names of those she knew to Nathan and Ashton. It turned out the latter knew more names than Marissa did.
“That’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.”
Nathan looked at the model Marissa mentioned.
“Quite a mouthful,” Ashton muttered.
Nina Agdal came a few places behind Rosie. Nathan thought she looked stunning in the cappuccino brown-colored dress and expensive sandals she was wearing.
“Lucky bastard, whoever her boyfriend is,” Ashton whispered. Marissa barely heard him. She avoided rolling her eyes, as a camera might catch her. Nathan shook his head at Ashton. He seemed to regret having considered not attending the fashion show.
“That’s a Clark Rhodes design,” Marissa told them, indicating towards a dark blonde model that was walking a few feet behind Nina.
Nathan scanned the audience. He didn’t know what had caught his attention. Just then, he spotted a blonde with her head turned to another woman next to her. They appeared to be in conversation.
When the blonde looked back towards the walkway, Nathan gasped. Even after all these years, he still knew that woman so well.
She was Amanda Tilley.


That’s the first  chapter. What did you all think? You can also read this on Wattpad. There’s another small sneak peek to come along with next week’s cover reveal. It will be on Monday, July 14th. Until then, have a good day!



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