Morning, everyone! It’s Monday, and I’ve had my coffee, so I’ll reveal the news. My upcoming novel, Dream Date, is currently in the final stages of development. I’m just testing it on Kindle and working out conversion kinks. Were I making a movie, I’d say it’s in the last stages of post-production. I’ve even made ARCs now, and I’ve contacted reviewers. Lots of them, actually. I’ve got pretty good Google skills. 😛

The book cover art is almost finished as well. It’ll be revealed in a few weeks. The release date has been set as August 15, 2014. That means it’s only two months to go! I can’t wait to share my book with you all. I’ve really enjoyed writing it. And I like the characters very much. Here’s the official synopsis of Dream Date


22-year-old college student Nathan Ferland has been waiting for a woman so enchanting she’ll make him forget the one who stole his heart. Nathan believes he’s finally found that woman in Kayla Delaney, a romance author. Their attraction was so strong that Kayla decided to enroll at his school. Now the two have become inseparable…but only one thing can end their relationship.
What Nathan least expects is to be reunited with the gorgeous 19-year-old Amanda Tilley. Upon seeing her again, Nathan realizes that there was no way he could desire another woman after all. Unfortunately, Amanda is still as unreachable as ever. Nathan’s never met a woman he desired more, making him torn between his loyalty to Kayla and the true love he can no longer ignore.
At such a young age, Amanda seems to have the world at her feet. While her beauty is impossible to ignore, she charms people further when they get to know the girl behind the face. With many goals in life, Amanda hasn’t had much time for dating…especially when she’s hired bodyguards to protect her from a ruthless man bent on keeping her for himself.
This time, Nathan will need more than luck to win Amanda’s heart and show that he loves her for more than just her beauty. He’s more than ready for the challenge, despite the overwhelming odds against him.


Dream Date is a New Adult contemporary romance. It is a full-length novel and will be available for the Kindle and Nook. There’s only two months to go for the release date. Right now, I’m going to get the book added to Goodreads. Stay tuned, as in the months leading to the release date, there’ll be a cover reveal and chapters to be posted on Wattpad.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


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