At last! After spending most of these past six months working on my upcoming novel, I was itching to reveal the main characters. Dream Date is finished at last and ready for beta readers and reviewers. As the release date is pretty close now, I’ll introduce you to the main characters and give you a small teaser of the plot. 
Dream Date is a New Adult contemporary romance novel centering on 19-year-old Amanda Tilley. Yes, she’s the character that’s portrayed by the blonde model on the promotional posters. Amanda is a fashion model and aspiring architect. She’s also the love interest of Nathan Ferland. He’s a 22-year-old college student who hasn’t seen Amanda in years. Since Nathan thinks he’ll never be with the seemingly unreachable Amanda, he wants to uproot her from his heart. When Amanda unexpectedly returns into his life, Nathan realizes that there really was no way he could love any other woman the way he loves her. This time, however, Nathan will need more than luck to win Amanda’s heart and show that he loves her for more than just her beauty. He faces tough opposition, the biggest one of which is a ruthless man bent on keeping Amanda for himself.

Most New Adult romance novels these days rant about the male love interest and his achingly good looks and sex appeal. Dream Date will do the same, but for the female love interest, Amanda Tilley. Though I’ve been working on this novel for the past six months, I came up with the character of Amanda well before that. I couldn’t wait to give her a good story. When I started planning Dream Date, I knew I’d found the right story for her. As the titular dream date, Amanda was created to be incredibly beautiful, desirable, and with a great personality, sort of like Emma Watson. That’s mostly why the early title for this novel was The Ultimate Unavailable Girl.

The complete release date (not just the month) will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more updates, and have a great Memorial Day!


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