Morning, folks! Today, I have news I’ve been eagerly looking forward to share. During the past three months or so, I’ve been working hard on my next work of fiction. As of right now, I’m an inch close to finishing major revisions. I would have been able to finish last week if some important, personal errands hadn’t come up, but that’s life. It doesn’t always go according to plan. When I finish, I’ll do another fast read-through to proofread the book and prune it a little before sending it to an editor. And I may also start another of my projects. I’ve got plenty of great ideas I’m itching to work on.

As my novel (beta name The Ultimate Unavailable Girl) is now very close to the finish, I’ve settled on a title. It is a New Adult romance now known as Dream Date, which is written as a standalone full-length novel. Despite that, it’s slated to be the first of a series. Right now, the word count’s close to 100,000 words. It’s pretty long, so it’ll need some trimming before it is professionally edited.

The first official reveal of information I’ll make on Dream Date will be next month. I’ll introduce the main characters and a summary of the plot. The girl in the poster you see above portrays the protagonist. She is blonde, and very beautiful (yes, she’s the woman that the title of the novel refers to). What do you all think about the poster? I fancy designing title art, though graphic design is not my strong.

I haven’t decided on a release date yet, though I’m aiming for Q3 of this year. I’ll probably be able to settle in a date while my book is being edited, as I need to know how long that will take. For now, I will be focusing on planning a promotional campaign and finding beta readers. Some critique would go a long way to start getting the word out about Dream Date.

Have a great week, and stay tuned!


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