Good afternoon, everyone! As today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it was a good time to run a special promotion. I also need to get more word out about my work. That’s why today, I’ve decided to temporarily reduce the price of Base Duplicity to $1.99.

In order to be able to run this promotion, I was required to pull the ebook from the Nook store. That means Base Duplicity is now available exclusively at the Kindle store. I’ve never used the KDP exclusive benefits (the countdown deals and the free promotion), so I didn’t know how they worked. I just enrolled my ebook yesterday, thinking I would get to the page with the countdown deals right away. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to access that until this morning, and I was like, “Oh, man. It’s gonna take another twelve hours to change the price back and use the countdown deals.”

I did, however, take advantage of the free promotion. Starting tomorrow, and lasting until next Saturday, Base Duplicity will be available for free. This special offer is for this week only, so grab your copy for free while it lasts. I would have had the ebook free starting today if I’d known how exactly to make that work. Now I know for the next time I run a promotion.

On another topic, I’m currently revising my upcoming novel, currently known as The Ultimate Unavailable Girl. It will be a full-length New Adult romance. I haven’t yet settled on a final title. When I do, I’ll let you all know. For now, I expect that the first official reveal of information I make will be sometime next May.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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