It’s here at last, everyone. My debut work of fiction, “Base Duplicity”, is now available for purchase as an ebook.  You can get your copy on Amazon by clicking here, and on your Nook by clicking here. You are able to download a sample if you wish. If the sample doesn’t include the entire first chapter, you can read it on my previous post, or at Wattpad.

“Base Duplicity” is a thriller novella. It centers on Valerie and Gerard Lawrence, two siblings who go on the run after their mother is murdered. With a gang of thugs and corrupt cops on their tail, they must work fast to find out why they’re wanted dead. The level of danger escalates so quickly that even close acquaintances are not to be fully trusted. The ebook is around 32,000 words in length and is on sale for $2.99 in the U.S. and the equivalent amount in foreign currencies.

I have done extensive revisions on my novella for much of this year, and I’m confident that it is the best that it can be. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done. “Base Duplicity” has certainly come a long, long, looong way from the early drafts. I’ve deeply enjoyed working on this project, and I hope that you enjoy reading it, too. This project has also given me good ebook editing skills. I was able to include stylized chapter headings, something I really wanted to do. You’ll see when you obtain your copy. I welcome any feedback that you may have.

That’s it for today! On my next post (which will be the last of this year), I will write about the top 12—yeah, I couldn’t settle for just 10—books that I read on 2013. I’ll also reveal my 12 favorite characters that I read about this year.


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