Wow. Time sure went quickly. Only about two weeks ago, I published the first sneak peek of my upcoming novella, Base Duplicity. Some three weeks before that, I launched this Web site and revealed the first bits of info about my novella. Now, my work is much closer to publication, so I think the time is fitting to reveal the cover art. I went through a few different variations of this design, and ultimately settled on this one. I thought it fit the story very well, with its theme of ying and yang, positive and negative sides. Below is the book cover art. What do you all think about it?

BD-OfficialBookCoverI’m very glad I set plenty of time for this reveal, because I meant to choose one of the other variations of this cover. It doesn’t look quite as good as this one. The font color I used in the early stages of the cover was red, but I quickly changed it to dark yellow because it is very visible on black and white backgrounds, in both color and grayscale. I also feel it has the same…vibe of danger as red, more or less. And the font itself, well, the story is a thriller. ‘Nuff said.

Next is my official synopsis for this novella:

It was supposed to be just another Friday in Georgetown, Texas. High school senior slash brown belt Valerie Lawrence has no idea what awaits home. After surviving a murder attempt that claims her mother’s life, she calls her father Martin, the Chief of Police. Unfortunately, he can’t be reached. Valerie proceeds to call the only other person she can trust: her brother Gerard, a police detective. To her dismay, she learns that he too has been attacked…by one of his own colleagues. With no one to trust–and the police in shambles due to their missing chief–the siblings go on the run, evading a gang of mercenaries and corrupt cops bent on ending their lives. The level of danger rises so quickly that even close acquaintances are not to be entirely trusted. As Valerie tries to learn who is behind the plot, she’ll be in for the biggest betrayal of her life. And she might not live to see it change her forever.

The release date for Base Duplicity is slated to be on Friday, November 29, 2013, Tuesday, December 3, 2013, just in time for the holidays. It will be available on both the and Nook stores, though I’m setting a little higher priority on Amazon. I also plan to publish the ebook on the iBookstore later on. Pricing details will be announced later.

UPDATE: The release date has been pushed forward a few days. Read the notice on the left sidebar for more information.

Have a wonderful Monday!


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